Episode 20 | Scott Mansell aka Driver61

Episode 20 | Scott Mansell aka Driver61

Racing coach Driver61 on driving skills in both real life and the sim world.

In this special anniversary episode of Nitro Nights, Tom chats to Scott Mansell, otherwise known as Driver61. Scott offers insights into various aspects of racing gained from his experience as both a driver and a coach.

Real world vs. sim world

Scott began his career as a professional racing driver but has since moved into driver coaching. Sim games such as iRacing provide the ideal platform for him to assist his clients. He underlines just how “transferrable” skills learned on the sim can be for real racing. Youngsters in lower formulas of motorsports who use sims to hone their skills and Jimmy Broadbent’s successful step into real-life competitive motorsports are proof of this. Sim racing could therefore be a direct, cost-effective route into real racing – a route that Scott sees as a positive for both racing worlds.

Pushing to the limit

Scott explains that his tutorials allow people to enjoy their passion for sim racing even more, as they enable drivers to “push to the limit” and extract more from the experience. Although all aspects of racing are crucial, the Brit reveals that “vision” is the hardest aspect to teach. If you aren’t focused on the right place at the right time, all other aspects of racing also become more difficult. Surely advice that both beginners and professionals can learn from!

Afterwards, Scott and Tom discuss the best social media posts of the week, before going head-to-head in an ‘F1 liveries quiz’. Who will come out on top? Can you beat their scores? To find out, check out the episode!

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