Episode 45 | Developer talks upcoming WRC 10

Episode 45 | Developer talks upcoming WRC 10


In this episode, Steffi welcomes Alain Jarniou to Nitro Nights. The Creative Director at Kylotonn is one of the people responsible for the upcoming game WRC 10 and will give some exclusive insights from behind the scenes.

Photo credit: Sebastien Waxin

With the frequent flow of games being released recently, racing game fans have had plenty of content to enjoy. One of the most productive studios in this regard is Kylotonn. The French developer has gained a reputation for their TT Isle of Man and WRC games in the past. Therefore, Steffi was happy to talk with Creative Director Alain Jarniou about Kylotonn’s upcoming racing games, as the stuido is also currently working on Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.

Fascination of Rally

With the release of WRC 10 ahead, Steffi wanted to know all about the next edition of the famed rally series. The game will be published on 31 August and will take the franchise to new heights. Kylotonn has been working on the series since WRC 5 and their attitude towards the creation of their games is certainly admirable. According to Alain: “Every time we make a new opus of the series, we try to improve the game with new features and content.” This also means that they continously work on aspects such as physics to make the simulation more well-rounded. According to our guest, the behaviour of the cars will be more realistic than ever in WRC 10.

But what makes rally racing so fascinating that you keep on working on the genre for more than six years? “Rally is a unique genre in racing. It is very demanding in terms of driving. It’s sometimes on tarmac, sometimes on gravel, sometimes on snow.” At the same time, you have different times of day and weather conditions that turn every single rally race into a different experience.

If you know what else the developer has to say about WRC 10 and other upcoming projects Kylotonn is working on, you should watch this week’s episode of Nitro Nights right away!

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