Episode 32 | Max Spooner

Episode 32 | Max Spooner

eTeam BRIT manager Max Spooner on inclusivity in sim racing.

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In this week’s episode of Nitro Nights, Steffi is back and chatting to the manager of eTeam BRIT, Max Spooner. As head of a racing team dedicated to getting people with disabilities into sim racing, he offers great insights into the topic of inclusivity in motorsports.

A motorsports career path with a twist

Max’s journey into sim racing begins much like many others – with an initial taste of real-life motorsports. He competed in the 750 Motor Club Locost Championship in a car built by his dad, which he describes as being “ropey at best” due to the usual financial struggles faced in entry-level motorsports. But a crash that left the car “submerged in water” ironically triggered a positive change, as he was able to use the insurance money to look into alternative career paths. And when he stumbled across a Facebook post about eTeam BRIT – a racing team specifically aiming to get people with disabilities into sim racing – the stars aligned for Max: he himself has Asperger syndrome.

Sim racing is for everyone

eTeam BRIT is the esports division of Team BRIT, whose overriding message is that racing should be available to everyone, regardless of their disability. In fact, Max highlights that being on the autistic spectrum can even bring unexpected benefits in the context of sim racing, such as the ability to focus the mind in such a way that “neurotypical” people often cannot. There are also challenges, of course, but Max stresses that with greater understanding and the mutual support of those in the team, they can be overcome. eTeam BRIT is a voice for such a mind-set, and as team manager, it is Max’s goal to push accessibility to the FIA, manufacturers and other teams alike, to ensure that technologies can be developed that make this dream a reality.

Afterwards, Steffi and Max discuss the top social media posts from the week. Then it’s time for the weekly Trackmania challenge! Will Max put his motorsports experience to use and light up the leaderboard? Find out in episode 32 of Nitro Nights!

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And for more information on eTeam BRIT, visit their website or contact them via their Facebook page.

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