Nitro Nights Stories Episode 6 | Tom97

Nitro Nights Stories Episode 6 | Tom97

Tom97 on his history with F1 and how he came all the way to racing with Lando Norris.

Photo credit: Tom97

The finest racing content on the go! In our biweekly podcast on Twitch, we talk with our amazing guests about all things esports racing. Tune in to the live broadcast and interact with them yourself via the Twitch Chat. In this week’s episode, our host Steffi is joined by F1 expert Tom97.

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F1-passion in the genes

Tom97 – this week’s guest in Nitro Nights Stories – is a British sim racer and content creator living in Spain. On his YouTube channel, he walks about 50,000 subscribers through the F1 Career mode, demonstrates the My Team mode and provides useful sim racing tips. Tom’s fascination for Formula 1 runs in the family: his grandfather and father shared the same passion for it and passed it on to the 22-year-old.

Although Tom is a skillful sim racer, he does not aim to regularly compete in professional F1 events and is quite happy with his current position in the scene. A definite highlight of that has been his participation in F1‘s Not The GP series, where he drove – among others – alongside championship competitor Lando Norris. Hear Tom talk in full length about this amazing experience in our podcast episode!

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