Episode 40 | James West aka 'Gamermuscle'

Episode 40 | James West aka ‘Gamermuscle’

GamerMuscle joins Nitro Nights to discuss the new Fanatec CSL DD – a direct drive wheel with an affordable price tag. Will it spark a revolution?

This week’s episode of Nitro Nights sees the return of a veteran of the show. James “GamerMuscle” West is back, and this time around he offers his expert opinion on Fanatec’s new CSL DD – a wheel base with direct drive technology for just €350! Will it spark a gaming revolution, or is it too good to be true? Let’s find out!

“It does change things”

GamerMuscle is excited by the introduction of the Fanatec CSL DD. He explains to Steffi that while you don’t need a “fancy wheel” to be competitive even at the higher levels of sim racing, the direct drive setup does “make the experience more enjoyable and immersive”. Whereas the previous cheapest DD wheelbase from Fanatec was on sale for roughly €1200, this new version undercuts that significantly. So for this reason, the Brit is sure that it will “shake things up” in the world of gaming hardware.

Let’s talk about torque

One potential downside of the new wheel base is the claimed torque of 5Nm, which is not that much compared to rival models. However, with the optional Boost Kit 180, this can be increased to a peak of 8Nm. While GamerMuscle admits that “the higher the number, the better everything is”, ultimately the torque required is all down to user preference. It’s often better to keep the torque low anyway if you’re taking part in an endurance race. The Brit turns his wheel down if he’s in for a long streaming session, so given the extra precision that DD bases offer, the lower figure could be of little concern to many.

So, is a revolution? GamerMuscle reckons that it is. He highlights that other companies such as Logitech and Thrustmaster will have to respond to it, because it changes the market and alters people’s expectations of what they can get for the money.

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