From his Bedroom to a Lamborghini Episode 53 w Nils Naujoks

From his Bedroom to a Lamborghini | Episode 53 w/ Nils Naujoks

We are back with another episode of Nitro Nights! This time we welcome G2 Esports pro driver and coach Nils Naujoks and talk with two winners of The Real Race.

Tonight, we return with a brand new episode of Nitro Nights! Our favourite host Rene Buttler invited a few interesting guests to your favourite esports racing show, including Nils Naujoks, G2 Esports pro and our Hero’s Journey coach, as well as two winners of Lamborghini’s The Real Race 2021 – EMEA. Watch the episode now!

Two champions join Nitro Nights

Lamborghini’s The Real Race came back this year with another tournament – or three one could argue. The unique racing series was divided into three different events: EMEA, NALA, and APAC. For this episode, we invited the winners of NALA and APAC, Fidel Moreira and Andrew O’Hara, to join us and talk about their experience.

The winners of each region will net themselves an all-expenses-paid VIP tour at the company HQ in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. One of the drivers will even be given the opportunity to represent Lamborghini as their official esports racer for 2022 – a huge honour which shows that esports racing is being regarded highly by traditional companies of the motorsports industry.

What even is an esports racing pro?

Nils Naujoks is a well-known face here on OverTake! The German is currently coaching our favourite racing rookie, James Bardolph, helping him on his Hero’s Journey. With Rene, he talks about the benefits of regionally splitting competitions and what it means to be a pro driver.

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