Episode 24 | Evan Posocco

Episode 24 | Evan Posocco

iRacing commentator Evan Posocco on all things oval racing.

In this week’s episode of Nitro Nights, Tom Deacon chats to professional iRacing commentator Evan Posocco. He offers expert insights into racing in the USA, particularly a series that many Europeans are often unaware of: the 2020 eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series.

A late bloomer in motorsports

Evan confesses that he had no interest at all in motorsports when he was young. But at 16, a trip to Las Vegas Motor Speedway to watch NASCAR with his Dad soon changed all that, and he instantly caught the bug. He describes the day as a “visceral experience” which resulted in him dashing home and downloading iRacing. However, whereas most fans would then spend all their earnings on a wheel and pedals, the Canadian picked up a microphone. He assumed that he would be a “rubbish” driver so to him, commentary was the way to go. After landing unpaid work commentating from Pit Row, his career quickly escalated from there, culminating in seven years on RaceSpotTV. Quite an achievement!

What’s NASCAR all about?

Evan Posocco is the perfect person to ask about NASCAR, and explains that it requires a different set of skills from other racing series. Modern NASCAR has turned towards a ‘low power, high downforce’ philosophy, which ensures that the margins between competitors are tight. This translates across to the eNASCAR series on iRacing, where drivers often practice a circuit for over 40 hours to gain that extra edge.

Afterwards, Tom and Evan discuss the top social media posts from the week, before going head-to-head in our F1 Liveries Quiz. Who will come out on top?

It’s another packed week, so don’t miss episode 24 of Nitro Nights!

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