Episode 11 | Chris Haye

Episode 11 | Chris Haye

Chris Haye on his first racing game and which technology will be the future of esports racing.

Chris Haye has been into virtual racing since the early 1990s. His father introduced him to the first Geoff Crammond Grand Prix game. Chris’ dedication to racing games did not stop ever since then.

Today, the Briton is a famous content creator on YouTube and Twitch. A lot of his videos are about his favorite game Assetto Corsa. But Chris’ channel also offers detailed reviews and tutorials on other simulations as well as esports racing hardware.

Chris: Everything was just DIY

In this episode of Nitro Nights, Chris and Froskurinn take a deep dive into the evolution of esports racing. Chris explains that there was a time when esports or sim racing weren’t even a term.

He outlines how the entire scene developed over the years. Small developer teams evolved into big studios, racing rigs went from DIY to off-the-shelf hardware.

Chris is curious whether esports racing under its current development is going to keep the DIY character or whether professionalization is going to take over the scene. “It’s a complicated time for the community.”

Is VR the future of esports racing?

Chris’ expertise on hardware and the technology behind esports racing is greatly appreciated. He and Frosk take a look at how tracks are being laser-scanned for a perfect replication in simulations.

They discuss the possible next big step in esports racing technology. The hardware expert tells that while a few years ago he thought VR would be the next big thing, he is not sure about that anymore. “VR is not the golden ticket I thought it may have been. Is has not taken off in the mainstream as quickly as esports racers would’ve liked.”

For a deep dive into the history and technology of esports racing, watch this exceptional episode of Nitro Nights!

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