Episode 12 | Boosted Media

Will Ford from Boosted Media on his beginnings and why pedals are the most important part of your rig.

Photo credit: Will Ford

An esports racing paradise in Down Under: Will Ford from Boosted Media is all about racing hardware, and his impressive rig with perfectly adjusted gear is proof of his expertise and dedication. The Australian shares his knowledge on the best wheels, pedals and how to upgrade your rig to achieve the fastest lap times on his YouTube channel where he gathered over 69,000 followers already.

Not only is Will passionate about virtual racing, he also reviews test drives in real racing cars on his channel. His passion for motorsports and cars started right in his childhood as he enjoyed tinkering on vehicles with his dad.

From pushing himself to full-time career

Tom starts this episode by asking about Will’s beginnings. The content creator reveals that he started his channel as a personal challenge to overcome his anxiety issues and push himself out of his comfort zone. After starting his channel with car mods and reviews, he also began to pursue his second passion: building computers.

When he wanted to venture more into racing, he realized that it is quite an expensive hobby and that he wouldn’t want to spend time away from his family – so he tried out esports racing. Will quickly caught the interest of hardware manufactures who wanted him to review their gear and Boosted Media went full speed to become a full-time job.

You don’t have to spend much money to have fun in esports racing

The hardware expert threw in a counter-intuitive take into the discussion with Tom: pedals are the most important part of your rig, not the perfect wheel. Will also emphasizes that racing fans do not have to spend an absurd amount of money on their racing gear to enjoy their hobby, as even some of the fastest guys in the scene drive with older gear.

Australian fans who still want to try out a top-notch set-up should listen up. Will toys with the idea of opening his studio for visitors once the pandemic is over, so they get their hands on a professional sim rig.

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