Episode 13 | Ben Constanduros

Episode 13 | Ben Constanduros

Ben Constanduros on how to be a good commentator and racing lawnmowers with Colin Firth.

Ben Constanduros has lived and breathed international motorsports since his birth. As a host, commentator, and producer, he has covered many big real-world motorsport events, such as the Dakar Rally, World Endurance Championship and the 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual 2020. With the first season of World’s Fastest Gamer, Ben came back to esports racing and since then has stuck with it. For example, he created the eRace of Champions, the virtual counterpart to one of the biggest competitions in real-world motorsport.

How to be a good commentator

Ben has lots of experience in racing broadcasts. He tells us that when he commentates on an event, he doesn’t use notes. For him, it is important to absorb as much information as possible about an upcoming event. “When everything is inside your brain, it just comes out naturally,” the commentator tells our host, Tom Deacon.

The Briton was part of the commentator team of the 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual. He explains how hard it can be to fill a 24-hour endurance race with good commentary. The racing expert also shares his view on how to create the perfect amount of excitement for each situation in a race.

The Twelve Hours of Billingshurst

Ben explains that every year, a twelve-hour lawnmower race is held just south of London. His cousin happened to be president of the lawnmower racing association and organized the event in which Ben then participated.

There are even more crazy circumstances surrounding this story. Our guest drove the race alongside famous British actor, Colin Firth! This is a story you definitely don’t want to miss.

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