Nitro Nights Episode 14 | Max Benecke

Nitro Nights Episode 14 | Max Benecke

In this episode of Nitro Nights, Tom Deacon welcomes iRacing’s number one driver Maximilian Benecke.

There is no better driver on iRacing than Maximilian Benecke. At least that’s what the game’s rating system says. The German esports racer is indeed an exceptional talent on the simulation.

From 2011 onwards, Benecke found joy in Codemasters’ F1 games before he switched to iRacing in 2015. The youngster quickly made his way to the top and participated in his first iRacing world championship in 2016 and claimed the title for the first time in 2018.

Disappointing start in Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup

In 2019, Benecke was fighting for the championship in the Porsche Esports Supercup until the last race. He lost to the Australian Joshua Rogers and became second.

On May 2, the series started into its 2020 season. The first event was held at Circuit Park Zandvoort. However, it was a nightmare for Benecke, and he finished the race on P27. He tells us about how his team struggled with the setup of the car and how they worked in night shifts to come back in the next event.

Also, Tom and Max talked about the importance of preparation in esports racing. It’s obvious that every esports racer works on mastering tracks and optimizing lap times, but there is another important aspect that is almost never mentioned: Mental preparation.

And of course, our witty host has another set of quickfire questions ready for Max to see if he can answer as fast as he can drive.

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