Episode 15 | Joe Barron

Episode 15 | Joe Barron

Joe Barron about his journey through the world of racing and his work on Project CARS 3.

This week’s episode of Nitro Nights features Joe Barron. The Englishman is marketing director for Slightly Mad Studios and therefore one of the leading forces behind Project CARS, which saw its latest iteration released on August 25.

Even through this troublesome time of pre-release, Joe took the time to be our guest and give some insight into his work in the industry.

Entering the scene

Joe Barron worked a substantial amount in the gaming industry as a freelance journalist before transitioning into the marketing world of Slightly Mad Studios in 2015. He started working together with friends he met online during his time in University. Later some of them found a job in the industry and Joe was one of them.

Joe also told us why he fell in love with racing games:

“It is kind of an unfulfilled dream of not necessarily being able to afford going racing as a kid and picking up all the Gran Turismo […] you just learn how to drive fast in game and carry on.”

Bringing in new people

As marketing director of a freshly released racing game, Barron of course talks about his work on the newest Project CARS 3. Joe mentions that the intention with the new game is also the inclusion of a previously unattained audience.

“We try to bring new people into the genre, more people into sim racing. And in both previous games we had huge number of players that kind of thought of Project CARS for being the gateway to sim racing. […] and in both these games we didn’t have content specifically for these people.”

The excitement and also the controversial aspect of Project CARS 3 is undeniable. For a sneak peak of the game you can watch our latest review.

If you want to know everything Joe Barron said about this topic tune in to the latest Episode of Nitro Nights.

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