Nitro Nights Episode 15 | René Buttler

Nitro Nights Episode 15 | René Buttler

He is an esports host, commentator and also the business manager of rFactor 2. We say hello to René Buttler!

Our guest on this episode of Nitro Nights is the swiss army knife of esports racing. At least that’s what our host Tom Deacon calls him. Please welcome René Buttler! He’s not only an esports host and commentator with many years of experience but also a business manager for rFactor 2 at Studio 397.

There are very few persons with such a broad and deep insight into the scene like René.

Why esports racing is ahead of its real counterpart

First, René gives Tom a look behind the scenes of rFactor 2 and its big tournaments like The Race’s Legends Trophy. He explains how the corona situation is challenging from a business perspective and how he suddenly ended up in a WhatsApp group chat with Sebastian Vettel and Juan Pablo Montoya.

René even owns a racing team that does not only compete on virtual tracks. Buttler-Pal Motorsport is also racing in the RCN in real life and their goal is to take part at the 24h Nürburgring in 2021.

Naturally, the German knows a lot about the connection of real and virtual motorsports. He provides an insight of how close both parties are already working together. René also tells Tom, why virtual racing in his opinion is a real-life sport. Also, he explains what a virtual racing competition needs to be more entertaining than a real-life tournament.

You should not miss this unique insight into esports racing. Tune in to this episode of Nitro Nights!

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