Episode 17 | Tom Matthews

Episode 17 | Tom Matthews

YouTuber Tom Matthews about how he raced a bus on a bicycle and what is the best racing game genre.

Froskurinn is back in our studio and welcomes esports racing YouTuber, Tom Matthews! The avid Top Gear and F1 fan has been passionate about arcade racing games since he started gaming. But during the lockdown he also discovered sim racing for the first time and even raised money for charity with it.

Tom’s early days on YouTube

Frosk asks Tom about his beginnings on YouTube. The Briton explains that he started his channel doing fun videos: “In one of my favorite videos back then I had a bicycle, and I strapped a GoPro to the bicycle and raced a bus to a seaside town near me. It was like one of the Top Gear epic races, except I was on a bicycle.” When he started with esports racing videos, his subscriber count quickly exploded. Tom recounts his journey as a content creator so far and also teases what he has got in stock for the future.

What is the best racing game genre?

There are many different racing games on the market and often the terms arcade and simcade are dropped. But what do they actually mean? Tom played all sorts of racing games and shares his view on what separates the genres. He weighs the pros and cons between arcades and simulations and also tackles the topic of elitism in sim racing. A very interesting discussion to follow indeed.

Fall Guys meets Formula 1 in our social showroom

After their extended chat, Frosk and Tom discuss the best posts of the week in our social showroom. They celebrate 100 days of OverTake.gg with a special woo-performance of Tom. Other topics include a very interesting interview on the future of DiRT Rally 2.0 esports and a hilarious meme in which Fall Guys meets F1. How’s that possible? Watch this episode to find out more.


Can Tom beat Tommy?

Last week on Nitro Nights, our guest Tommy Østgaard set an insanely fast time in our Trackmania Hot Lap Challenge. Tom has big footsteps to follow, but he is confident that he can beat the Norwegian and get on top of our Nitro Nights leaderboard. Will he be successful?


After Tom burned his name into the asphalt, Froskurinn also recaps an exciting week of esports racing action. She takes us back to the Porsche Esports Carrera Cup and gives us a preview of the upcoming Trackmania Grand League as well as Das Race, a competition merging esports and real racing.

There is so much to see this week! So, buckle up and tune in to episode 17 Nitro Nights!

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Born and raised close to the Nürburgring.