Episode 18 | Julian Tan

Episode 18 | Julian Tan

Formula 1’s Head of Esports about his favorite F1 game ever and how his work defines the industry.

It’s lights out and away we go with a very special episode of Nitro Nights! We take a detailed look at the world of F1 Esports as we welcome Julian Tan, Head of Esports and Digital Business at Formula 1.

The leading head behind F1 esports

As part of his job, Julian is responsible for all the esports action going on under the F1 flag. He explains how his teams’ work has a huge influence on the scene: “With the brand of Formula 1, everyone is watching what we’re going to be doing next. (…) What we do in esports in some ways actually defines the way in which sim racing would evolve as an industry.”

Julian tells that working on F1 esports is a very challenging, but also fulfilling job. Founded in 2017, the is continuously evolving, trying out new formats and ideas. Where it will be in five to ten years? “I could not really say. (…) A big part of the success that we have seen is being able to adapt to the situation that we’re in,” the Oxford and Cambridge graduate says. All in all, Julian states the long-term goal of F1 esports is not only to attract a new and young esports-savvy audience, but also to fill veteran real-world F1 fans with enthusiasm.

And if you want to know what F1’s Head of Esports’ favorite F1 game of all time is, tune in to our episode!

The memes keep on dropping in our social showroom

Tom Deacon and Julian also review the most exciting social media posts of the week. They discuss the role of mobile gaming in regard of the recently announced an F1 Mobile Racing esports series. Other topics include the upcoming Le Mans Esports Series Super Final, the announcement of SuperSpec Rallycross, and a very spicy meme about us, OverTake.gg! You definitely have to check that one out.

Afterwards, Tom updates you about the hottest esports racing topics of the week, including the V10 R-League, the eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series and all information on iRacing’s season four update.

Do not miss this hot lap of an episode!

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