Episode 19 | James West aka 'Gamermuscle'

Episode 19 | James West aka ‘Gamermuscle’

YouTube sensation ‘Gamermuscle’ on the benefits and drawbacks of VR in racing games.

It’s time for another episode of Nitro Nights! In episode 19, Indiana meets James West, otherwise known as “Gamermuscle’, who offers us insights into the industry gained from over eight years of experience creating gaming content for YouTube.

Introducing comedy to sim racing

James comes as a stark constrast to more conventional, dead-pan sim racers. He successfully conveys humor by having a large, expensive rig, and using it in unexpected ways. If a game can be played with a wheel, James will attempt it with varying levels of success. His most popular video saw him playing Counter-Strike this way. He describes his need for bigger and better rigs as being “like a disease” – something that many gamers can relate to!

Testing VR in sim racing

Although VR isn’t common in racing games, Gamermuscle has been testing it for years and feels there are “benefits and drawbacks” to its use. He explains that VR is more analogous to real life, offering “raw immersion” for the player. Its realism is demonstrated by ‘real life’ racing drivers who may struggle with a conventional sim, but hop straight into a VR race and are immediately quick.

However, the Brit also feels that for an average player, the extra effort and expense required to run VR simply isn’t worth it. You can have just as much fun on simulations such as Assetto Corsa and iRacing with a simple set-up.

Afterwards, Indiana and James review the best social media posts of the week, and James has a shot at the Hot Lap on Trackmania. To find out how he did and hear some hilarious Murray Walker impersonations, don’t miss the latest episode!

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