Nitro Nights Episode 4 | Rudy van Buren

Nitro Nights Episode 4 | Rudy van Buren

Tom welcomes Rudy van Buren to our fourth episode of Nitro Nights. The Dutchman is at home in both the real and esports racing world.

The Dutch driver is a well-known figure in racing, emerging victorious from the inaugural World’s Fastest Gamer competition. While he had primarily competed in rFactor 2 until then, he then faced many esports racing champions from other games. In the end he prevailed over 30,000 competitors.

Ending up first not only brought him the impressive title “World’s Fastest Gamer”. The former sales manager even got a one-year contract as a F1 simulator driver for McLaren, helping to improve the car that already made many Grand Prix and world champions.

Ever since, 27-years-old has become a somewhat iconic figure in sim racing. Many look up to his success which earned the entire esports racing scene a lot of respect and legitimacy. Who could fit that role any better? Rudy is a child of both worlds, after all he started karting at the age of eight.

He stays true to his roots, living his real-world racing dream, but withot turning his back on esports. Rudy is everyhwere you see sim racing and real life shake hands: he drove the Pirelli Hot Laps for McLaren, became a coach in the second season of World’s Fastest Gamer, and is a simulation driver for Formula E’s Mahindra Racing.

As the workhorse he is, he also is involved with Team Redline, one of the most prestigious professional sim racing teams in the world.

On Nitro Nights he talks about what is most important to him in a sim racing setup and what makes his role as a Formula One simulator driver special.

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