Episode 47 | Deman on the state of mobile racing

Episode 47 | Deman on the state of mobile racing

Mobile games offer a lot of options for racing fans. We invited racing games expert Deman to talk about the best mobile racers on Nitro Nights!

With the recent release of Assetto Corsa Mobile, racing games which can be played on your phone or any other mobile device have been receiving some more attention. As such, we decided to take a deeper dive into the world of mobile racing with our host Tyler and renowned esports caster and racing games expert Leigh “Deman” Smith in this week’s episode of Nitro Nights!

The World of Mobile Racing

We decided to take a look at three games in particular which have been making waves in the mobile racing scene. Asphalt 9, the most recent game in the Asphalt series, is a benchmark for any and all mobile racing games. It’s crisp graphics, exciting gameplay and intuitive car control make for an all-round fun arcade-style experience. F1 Mobile Racing by Codemasters is another big name, which leads the field in terms of mobile racing esports.

Then there’s Assetto Corsa. Expectations were high for the newest kid on the block, but Assetto Corsa Mobile has fallen well short of the mark. Complaints range from outdated graphics to repetitive gameplay, and the total lack of online multiplayer doesn’t help either. To cap it all off, the game is only available on Apple devices, leaving Android users out in the cold.

Tyler talks with Deman about his first experiences with mobile racing games, as well as his continued involvement with the genre. Naturally, comparisons with other, more established platforms such as consoles and PC were made, and the pair discussed whether or not mobile racing games need to change up their act in the future.

Stick around until the end of the video for a preview of a very exciting upcoming game which could further shape the future of mobile racing as a genre! If you enjoyed this episode of Nitro Nights, take a look at last week’s episode in which Steffi was able to speak to HokiHoshi and rAii about Forza Horizon 5!

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