Episode 49 | Boosted Media and Heusinkveld on racing pedals

Episode 49 | Boosted Media and Heusinkveld

We sat down to speak with Will Ford of Boosted Media and the top dogs at hardware manufacturer Heusinkveld about the importance of esports racing pedals.When it comes to getting the best esports racing hardware setup, the single most important aspect is the pedals.

Acceleration and especially braking are critical to success in any form of simracing, so you need to know that you have the best tools for the job. In this week’s Nitro Nights, Stefanie talks to Will Ford, also known as Boosted Media on YouTube, on the subject of hardware and rigs.

Pedals for Performance, Wheels for Immersion

For Will, solid pedals and a good cockpit are the two most important factors when it comes to sorting out your esports racing setup. In particular, inconsistency in terms of the movement or response of the pedals can be a significant impediment for players who are looking to maximise their pace.

Many people assume that the steering wheel is the single most important part of any sim rig, but Will reckons that the importance of a good steering wheel can be overstated. If your aim is to go as quickly as possible, as consistently as possible, then you are better off allocating more of your budget towards your pedals than you might expect. If all you’re after is immersion, then the steering wheel is more important.

Svend van der Vlugt and Niels Heusinkveld, of the hardware company Heusinkveld, also joined in on our discussion. When it comes to which brand of pedals to go for, the pair were rather magnanimous! They noted that their high-end pedals come at a significant cost, and that therefore gamers on a budget might look towards Logitech or Thrustmaster sets instead.

To hear everything Stefanie, Will, Svend and Niels had to say on these topics, as well as to learn more about what makes a good set of pedals, the importance of adjustability, and more, then take a look at our latest episode of Nitro Nights now!

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