Nitro Nights Episode 6 | Actrollvision

Nitro Nights Episode 6 | Actrollvision

This episode features a really special guest. Host Tom Deacon is joined by fellow on-screen talent Actrollvision!

Having Luke Crane aka. Actrollvision as a guest is a special pleasure for Tom, as they have known each other well for years and also worked together already.

Luke has lots of experience as a shoutcaster and sim racer as well, covering various Project CARS 2 leagues lately as well as running the Actrollvision community racing leagues. These give amateur esports racing pilots a stage for their first steps in the competitive environments of Project CARS 2, Assetto Corsa Competizione, iRacing, GT Sport, RaceRoom, and Dirt Rally 2.0.

From enthusiast to professional

He started shoutcasting ESL competitions for fun and ended up being well established in the virtual racing scene. As Actrollvision is not only an on-air talent but organizer as well, he knows exactly what kind of potential the current situation holds for sim racing. He explains what benefits it has as a(n) (e)sports discipline and how streamers can take advantage of that.

Tom and Luke both have a lot to tell about jobs in esports, besides from being a professional athlete. If you have always wanted to know what is going on at tournaments and broadcasts behind the scenes, you should definitely watch this episode.

CAUTION: If you are joining us after the Easter time of 2020: please do not apply for our Easter special. However, feel free to count the Easter eggs in this episode just for fun!

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