Episode 8 | Danny Giusa

Episode 8 | Danny Giusa

m3lly and her guest review Codemasters’ F1 2020 and take a look at the DRSC entry fee discussion.

For the first time in Nitro Nights history, our host m3lly welcomes a guest live to her studio couch! Danny Giusa is not only a passionate virtual racer, but also the team manager of ad hoc gaming’s esports racing team. The German has been around for years and boasts extensive knowledge of the scene. He and m3lly do not only talk about the good old times, but also take a look forward reviewing F1 2020.

“Esports racing is a niche”

His experience in many parts of esports racing gives Danny a broad overview of the scene. Danny elaborates on the entry fee controversy concerning the DRSC, the German esports racing championship in iRacing, which has been massively criticized in the past weeks.

But since Danny is also a vivid esports racer, they also chat about racing itself. Danny gives some insights into how much preparation and data is needed to do well in endurance races. He also shares his opinion on the 2020 eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series, which is now halfway through its season.

How good is F1 2020?

The biggest topic of the week is the release of F1 2020. Danny is a huge fan of the new “My Team” feature. He particularly likes how detailed the management system is and how much your decisions affect your team.

“At first, it’s overwhelming. But when you get your head around, it’s awesome,” the German says. In Danny’s opinion, Codemasters did a good job with the gameplay again. The game can be very challenging for experienced racers, but is very beginner-friendly if you turn on the assists, too.

For more details on F1 2020, tune in to this episode of Nitro Nights!

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