Nitro Nights Episode 8 | Danny 'Husky' Engels

Nitro Nights Episode 8 | Danny ‘Husky’ Engels

Today we had the pleasure of talking to german esports and simracing veteran Danny Engels, better known as Husky.

Husky is Head of Esports Operations at G2 Esports, one of the biggest Esports organizations worldwide. He looks back on a 13-year-long career in esports. From being a professional esports racing pilot and team lead in the German organization SK Gaming for ten years to claiming a manager position at G2, he has seen it all.

At gamescom 2011 Husky became “Germany’s best gamer” in a multi-game competition organized by the ESL and a German video game magazine.

The exciting early days of esports racing

In episode 8 of Nitro Nights, Danny tells Tom how he got involved with esports in his early days and ended up being an esports racing pilot. If you haven’t been around back in the days, its going to be exciting to learn about how the competitive scene was just about to push the pedal to the metal. Danny takes you back to a time when he shared the stage with the young Sebastian Vettel who was a simulator driver for BMW Sauber back then.

He talks about the importance of money for competitors, his first time in a sim racing rig and his thoughts on the upcoming F1 2020. In this context, he illustrates what implications annual releases of any game series has on its players. Especially professional drivers need to adapt in order to stay competitive. He addresses the differences between simcades like F1 and proper simulations like iRacing on a professional level, too.

If you want to know more about the Home Challenge ABB Formula E Race and other exciting racing news, tune in now!

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