Episode 9 | Beitske Visser

Episode 9 | Beitske Visser

Froskurinn welcomes the leader of the virtual W Series and presents the best racing game bargains.

Photo credit: W Series

Beitske Visser has been racing since she was five years old. She made her way from karting and formula racing eventually to the W Series Esports League 2020, the biggest all-female single seater championship. Unlike many other competitions, the W Series will not return to real asphalt in 2020 but is instead being held completely online in iRacing.

Although Beitske started with esports racing just a few months ago, she is currently leading the field after five of ten races.

“You start to get up there quite quickly”

Beitske tells Froskurinn about her dive into the world of esports racing. She explains that in virtual racing, you cannot really feel the car. You have to learn to react to its behavior just by observing the car and feeling the steering wheel. This is really hard in the beginning and ends up in spinning the car a lot.

The 25-year-old finds that people tend to take more risks in esports racing, which results in more dangerous manoeuvres and bigger crashes.

Still, Beitske sees esports racing as a great opportunity to learn the tracks she is about to tackle in real life. “I think it gives you a lot of head start.”

About the impact of the W Series

The Dutchwoman has a very positive view on the W Series. “I think it has already shown it is a great success.” She recounts that she is seeing more and more girls coming to the kart tracks and getting into racing, which is great. Beitske hopes the virtual edition of the series will also bring more girls and women into esports racing.

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