Nitro Nights Stories - Episode 1 | Jarl Teien

Nitro Nights Stories – Episode 1 | Jarl Teien

In the first ever episode of Nitro Nights Stories we take a deep dive into endurance racing with Jarl Teien.

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Welcome to Nitro Nights Stories! Every other week we sit down with one of our Nitro Nights guests to take a proper deep dive into the subject and talk about all the things that didn’t make it into the main show. It’s a free-flowing conversation in a podcast format that is also being streamed live on our Twitch channel! So if you want to be part of the conversation, tune in and ask away!

“It’s a crazy opportunity”

The upcoming 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual race has a star-studded line-up that is second to none. The list of big names includes legends like Fernando Alonso and Rubens Barichello. And our guest for the first ever episode of Nitro Nights Stories happens to be in a team with them – Jarl Teien of G2 Esports.

Even though his team-mates are bona fide legends, in the end, it might be them who are looking for him to carry the load. The 26-year-old Norwegian is an experienced endurance racer and finished last year’s Le Mans in second place! Our host m3lly talks to him about his career and the upcoming big race day.

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