Nitro Nights Stories - Episode 2 | Maxime MXM

Nitro Nights Stories – Episode 2 | Maxime MXM

m3lly welcomes the Dutch racing enthusiast to our deep dive podcast format.

Nitro Nights Stories is back

Welcome to Nitro Nights Stories! In the second episode of our biweekly format we sit down with our Nitro Nights guest Maxime MXM to take a deep dive into all the things that didn’t make it into the main show. Our host Melek “m3lly” Balgün and Maxime engage in a free-flowing, podcast-like conversation that is also being streamed live on our Twitch channel! So if you want to be part of the conversation, tune in and ask away!

“It’s great to see more girls at tournaments”

Content creator Maxime MXM is well-known in the Dutch esports racing scene. With the upcoming Formula 1 2020 game, she plans to expand her content for an English-speaking audience, so make sure to keep an eye on her YouTube channel. Maxime shares her first steps into racing, how she dealt with the limitations during the coronavirus pandemic, and what’s up next.

Another topic Maxime and m3lly cover is the representation of women in esports and gaming in general. While both of them love gaming, very few of their female acquaintances share their passion on the same level. Therefore, Maxime calls for more women at tournaments: “If you are a girl out there and you are really good, just go for it, go for the tournaments. It’s great to see more girls at tournaments.” She definitely knows what she’s talking about, as she used to play Call of Duty competitions on a high level, teaching those a lesson who’d underestimate her.

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