Nitro Nights Stories Episode 7 | Kame Trick

Nitro Nights Stories Episode 7 | Kame Trick

YouTuber Ben Craft aka. Kame Trick joins Tom for an intimate talk on Nitro Nights Stories!Buckle up, as we head into this exciting new episode of Nitro Nights Stories! In this week’s podcast, Tom is joined by drifting enthusiast Kame Trick to discuss one of the most impressive and exciting disciplines in motorsports.

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“You’re completely in the moment”

Kame Trick has been into drift racing for almost two decades now. When drifting, the American is in a completely different world, forgetting everything else around him: “You’re completely in the moment!” With his YouTube channel, he wants to share his passion and show that even real-world drifting is not necessarily expensive and can be an affordable hobby for anyone.

Kame Trick also tells Tom about his time abroad in Japan where he got the chance to race in the homeland of drifting. While in Japan, he further developed his love for the sport and local culture. Of course, he spends his time drifting in racing games as well and he recommends two games you have to check out for the ultimate drifting experience. Tune in and find out which ones!

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