Episode 28 | David Williams

Episode 28 | David Williams

Sim racer and coach David Williams on getting the most out of your driving.This week on Nitro Nights, Indiana meets professional sim racer and coach, David Williams. The Brit tutors the world’s top racers, so is perfectly qualified to shed some light on the scene.

A veteran of sim racing

David’s career in sim racing is long, and he could easily be considered a veteran of the scene. It all began way back in 2006, playing on a laptop with a steering wheel attached loosely to his desk. However, things soon escalated from these humble beginnings as he quickly found success in international competitions, including championships in Live for Speed and subsequently iRacing as the motorsports platform began to gain popularity.

David reflects on his career as having “lots of ups and downs”, though as a current driver for sim racing team Coanda Simsport, you could argue he is still on the up! He is also taking part in the 2020 Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup, where he hopes to improve on his best result of 4th last year. We at OverTake wish him all the best with that!

Coaching the world’s best racers

When he isn’t racing, David can be found coaching the young stars of the future at VirtualRacingSchool.com. However, he reveals to Indiana that a lot of his students aren’t actually sim racers at all, but real-world racing drivers who use his tutorials to prepare for events. This highlights the transferrable nature of skills learned on the rig to real-life racing.

Similarly, David reacts to the new game Automation in which players build their dream vehicles from scratch. He underlines how crucial it is for racers to understand the fundamentals of their vehicle, such as the dynamics, set-up, weight transfer and the influence their driving style has on all these aspects. They can then adapt their driving style to suit the vehicle, making them a more rounded player – a nifty insider tip that we should all try!

Afterwards, Indiana and David discuss the top social media posts from the week. Then it’s time for the Trackmania challenge! Can the Brit put all his experience to good use and set the leaderboard alight? There’s only one way to find out – watch episode 28 of Nitro Nights!

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