Episode 26 | Just Devon

Episode 26 | Just Devon

South African YouTuber and gamer Just Devon on all things sim racing.In this week’s episode of Nitro Nights, Steffi is back and chatting to Just Devon from South Africa. With a successful YouTube channel that covers all things sim racing, he provides great insights on the scene today.

The path to YouTube

Devon kicked off his YouTube career more as a hobby – he dabbled in it after graduating from university as it “passed time” while looking for a job. With the launch of Forza 7, he noticed there was very little relevant content on YouTube, so he sought to fill this gap. He soon found himself making videos on a regular basis, and still enjoys the feeling of being “self sufficient” that it brings.

Controller vs. wheel

Nowadays Devon’s YouTube channel has over 23,000 subscribers, but the South African still remains loyal to the Forza franchise. In fact, he explains to Steffi that for him, Forza is better when played on a controller rather than a wheel – a statement that could fan flames in any gaming forum! For him, a few other Codemasters titles such as Dirt also share this trait.

This is also why he hotly anticipates the arrival of the new gen consoles, particularly the PlayStation 5. It will feature a controller with haptic feedback that allows you to feel the texture of the surface you are racing on through your hands. Exciting though this is, Devon’s advice to racing fans is to hold off from buying the new console until Gran Turismo 7 is launched next year.

Afterwards, Steffi and Devon discuss the top social media posts from the week. Then it’s time for the Trackmania challenge – though the participant isn’t who you might expect it to be! Find out whose name makes it on to the leaderboard in episode 26 of Nitro Nights!

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