Episode 25 | Emily Jones

Episode 25 | Emily Jones

Our Hero of the Month Emily Jones on racing in the real and virtual worlds.In this week’s episode of Nitro Nights, Indiana chats to our first ever Hero of the Month – Australian racer, Emily Jones. As an avid lover of motorsports and a successful sim racer, she provides plenty of insights on the topic.

Passionate from a young age

Like a lot of successful racers, Emily caught the bug early. She grew up in a motorsports environment with her uncle and dad competing at an amateur level, and soon became “obsessed”. She pestered her parents constantly for a kart and eventually got her way and entered some races. However, money was tight, and she explains that she “ran the same set of tires for two years!” Despite clearly being on the back foot she climbed through the ranks, but as is often the way with aspiring racers, the funds soon dried up. This was when the Australian turned to sim racing and a new chapter of her life began.

Gran Turismo or iRacing?

In our tense Quick Fire round, Emily is unable to decide whether she favors iRacing or Gran Turismo as her racing sim of choice. However, Emily can certainly be considered an authority on both platforms. She regularly streams iRacing content on her Twitch account, and has successfully qualified for the Gran Turismo World Finals this year, representing Australia.

Gran Turismo 3 holds a special place in Emily’s heart though, as she grew up playing it at every opportunity. She confesses to Indiana that when she watches the opening credits today, she “tears up”, showing the emotional connection that she shares with the game. Like a familiar smell or a piece of music, it takes her back in time and reminds her of the effort and determination she invested in sim racing, which happily paid off for her later down the line.

Afterwards, Emily and Indiana discuss the top social media posts from the week, then Emily takes on our Track Mania Challenge. Will she beat Tom Deacon – or perhaps even finish higher up our leaderboard? Make sure you watch episode 25 of Nitro Nights to find out!

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