Nitro Nights Stories Episode 5 | Theamusante

Nitro Nights Stories Episode 5 | Theamusante

YouTuber and sim racer Theamusante on the sim racing scene and how to improve it.Our biweekly podcast is back! Every other week on Twitch, we cover the most important topics in the sim racing scene in our podcast Nitro Nights Stories. By taking part in the Twitch Chat, you have the chance to interact with our casters and guests! We will seamlessly continue our journey in the sim racing scene where we left off in July.

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In the newest episode of Nitro Nights Stories, content creator and sim racer Theamusante joins Tom Deacon to talk about the sim racing scene. In case you missed the live show, be sure to follow our channel.

Spreading sim racing passion

Among other things, Theamusante and Tom Deacon talk about some problems that the sim racing scene might still have to date. The videos and streams on Théa’s channel aim to show her progression as a sim racer as she improves and tries to compete on ever higher levels. She criticizes the sim racing scene for not being very beginner-friendly and welcoming, leading her to try and put more emphasis on making it more inclusive and sharing knowledge.

Théa’s community appreciates her regular streams and confirms that her effort of spreading the sim racing love works: she often receives messages from newcomers she encouraged to join the scene. It is especially important to her that she frequently inspires fellow women to have the courage to become sim racers or to just pick up the hobby in a male-dominated scene.

Still working in fashion and also having a past as a singer, Theamusante did not always feel at home on the racing track. Nowadays, however, she feels very competitive about sim racing and aspires to reach pro-levels of competition. Her streams on YouTube feature games such as Assetto Corsa, ACC, F1 2020 and also DIRT Rally 2.0.

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