Nitro Nights Stories Episode 9 | Aarava

Nitro Nights Stories Episode 9 | Aarava

Content creator Aarava on being part of Team Quadrant and racing against Charles Leclerc.

Photo credit: OverTake / Aarava

Nitro Nights Stories is our esports racing podcast live on Twitch. Every other week, we invite another amazing personality from the virtual racing world to discuss all things esports racing with them. During each episode, not only can the hosts talk to our guests, but you can submit your own questions via the Twitch chat! However, in case you missed the live event, you can either re-watch the podcast’s VoD on our YouTube channel or alternatively download it on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts to enjoy the episode on the go.

In this week’s edition of Nitro Nights Stories, Tom Deacon welcomes Aarav ‘Aarava’ Amin to the show! The content creator and Quadrant member shares his perspective of working together with Lando Norris and being a successful YouTuber himself.

An outlet for creative racing content

Aarav first discovered his love for the F1 franchise through F1 2010 – with that, he calls himself relatively “late” to the scene compared to other members. However, from 2010 on, the F1 franchise inspired him to venture into the world of esports. Now hooked on the series, F1 2012 was the first game Aarav wanted to share content from – resulting in him kicking off his YouTube channel. Nowadays, he boasts a proud 480,000 subscribers. During the last year, he even got the chance to race against F1 pro Charles Leclerc in an event by Veloce Esports.

In May 2020, the Briton joined Lando Norris’ F1 Team Quadrant as an active content creator. Even though the team’s name suggests otherwise, it actually consists of five members – the implied “four” results from Lando’s racing number and personal brand. For Team Quadrant, the five friends create content for their conjoined YouTube channel and interact with the F1 drivers’ community – one of the best aspects, according to Aarav:

Lando’s fans are just crazy, in the best possible way! They are amazing and the love they show to all […] of us is just nuts.

In terms of creating videos, Aarav makes expressing his personality in the content he puts out a priority. According to him, having a certain style and showing his kind of humor is the best way to become confident as a creator. Looking at his own channel, there definitely has to be truth in that. To learn more about Aarava’s style as a creator, be sure to listen to him in our podcast!

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