The best of Nitro Nights so far

The best of Nitro Nights so far

Nitro Nights had many great guests and moments so far. Take a look at the highlights.

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Nitro Nights has given us great insights into the esports racing scene so far. Not only did our host Tom Deacon provide you with all the news you need. He also had many amazing guests joining him virtually in his lounge.

Now, Nitro Nights becomes even bigger as we head into our brand-new studio. But before we do, we take a look at the highlights of Nitro Nights so far.

Where it all began

In our very first episode, Tom was still a bit shy about showing us his lounge. Instead, he sat down in front of his white wall and talked to DTM driver Dani Juncadella. With 42 minutes, our first episode was also the longest of the season.

Little did Tom and Dani know about how much the coronavirus pandemic was going to impact the esports racing scene. But they sure knew that virtual racing was taking over the racing world by storm. Check out our opening episode to get some immensely detailed insights from Dani Juncadella.

The World’s Fastest Gamer is in the house

In episode four, Tom welcomed the winner of the first edition of World’s Fastest Gamer, Mr. Rudy van Buren, to his lounge.

The professional simulator driver explained how his esports racing experience helps him in his job. Also, he gave us an insight into how it feels to compete against real racing legends on a virtual track and if he respects them more than other drivers:

“I just see them as another competitor. Most of the times these bastards fight even a little bit harder on track because they’re more into the little tricks as well.”

Actrollvision about his life as an esports racing commentator

Luke Crane a.k.a. Actrollvision is one of the most famous voices in esports racing. Besides our host Tom of course. Together, they made a great duo and took us behind the scenes of esports racing broadcasts. In every second you felt the passion both of them share.

“I am just as big a fan as people watching at home. I am so excited every time I put the microphone on, and I think it shows. Also, when the cameras are off me and watching the actual racing I stand up, I’m smacking the table. I’m just living every moment that all of these drivers are living.”

Will Buxton shows us his office

Take a very rare look into the office of the greatest F1 journalist there is at the moment. Will Buxton showed Tom his workspace which is dedicated to many Italian drivers.

Will explained how the digital transformation will change F1 in his view. The journalist thinks that the next generation of F1 drivers might emerge from the virtual tracks.

“You do have your likes of your Landos and your Maxes, who have grown up sim racing and who are real-world as well. So maybe, as we move forward through our own age into the next generation, perhaps the lines will become blurred and it’ll all become one and the same.”

Before this episode, Tom and Will chatted about their love of gin and had the most amazing pre-recording talk of the season. Go check out Nitro Nights’ Twitter to see this ultimate gem and many more highlights.

Danny Engels about the first steps of virtual racing

Danny Engels truly is an esports racing veteran who already competed in the early 2000s. He brought a lot of pictures and videos from the time when esports racing just started to establish itself.

Tom and Danny had great fun watching and talking about the good old days. The veteran has so much to tell about the evolution of esports racing and his transition from a racer to a team manager.

In one of Danny’s videos you can also find a very young Sebastian Vettel who hadn’t even entered an F1 car back then. For an amazing blast from the past, tune in to this episode of Nitro Nights.

Charlie Martin about diversity in (esports) racing

In episode ten, it was LGBTQ+ ambassador Charlie Martin who joined Tom Deacon. Charlie talked him through the important topic of LGBTQ+ visibility in both real and virtual racing.

“There are gonna be a lot of people who identify as LGBT+. But right now, those people aren’t visible. And it’s not like everybody has to be visible. It’s a personal choice, of course it is. But I think it’s the people feeling that they can be visible and people not having to compartmentalize aspects of their life that are really true to the core of who they are as a human being.”

Charlie’s biggest dream is to compete at the 24H of Le Mans one day. When she explained her fascination with the place to Tom, you can really see her eyes get all shiny.

Don’t miss this inspiring episode of Nitro Nights.

iRacing’s No.1 about his way to the top

Max Benecke recounted how he became iRacing’s highest rated driver. The German had just played the F1 games before he picked up the game in 2015.

“I just can’t play a game where I’m not super good at. For me, this dedication came from there, that I just want to beat all the other guys in my races. And then just practicing and trying to figure out what the good guys are doing differently in terms of lines, in terms of braking, in terms of corner speed setups and stuff like that. And it’s just this dedication which I think everyone in, for example, the Porsche Esports Supercup has. This is what you need if you want to become really one of fastest guys.”

Tom also asked Max about the importance of his team and mental preparation before the races. In addition to that they had a look at the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup, in which Max competes for $200,000.

A peak episode with a peak esports racer.

What is it like to manage a racing simulation?

There are very few people who have so much background knowledge about the esports racing scene as René Buttler. Not only has he been hosting esports racing events for several years. He is also the Business Manager for rFactor2. René revealed how the real racing drivers banter at each other before and after the race.

“The guys obviously do a lot of banter and you can see how it turns from ‘Oh I’m just here for fun and I really don’t care’ to the first laps like ‘I need to become quicker I want to win this race!’ And they all get into this competitive mode but most of them are friends. They know each other from different races or different series or the past when they did karting together. It’s absolutely amazing seeing that in WhatsApp groups and our Discord channels.”

He also revealed how a good esports racing competition is created. He told Tom how close real and virtual racing are already working together as well. Don’t miss these unique insights into esports racing.

Thank you, Tom!

Sadly, the ongoing coronavirus related restrictions don’t allow Tom to join us in our new studio. But we are sure once the situation has improved, we will have our beloved host back at Nitro Nights. We say thank you Tom for bringing so much joy and enthusiasm to the show. ♥

Tom passes the baton on to our new host. But we’re not going to tell you their name yet. For that, you need to watch the first episode of Nitro Nights Studio edition, which will be online on Thursday, May 21 at 7 PM CEST.

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