Virtual Reality in racing games

Virtual Reality in racing games

The ways to enjoy racing games have evolved over the years. Especially VR has seen a rise in popularity. We took a look in the latest Nitro Nights segment.

Photo Credit: Project CARS YouTube

Ever since its integration into gaming, virtual reality has been ever-changing. Nowadays, many major gaming studios produce titles that are VR compatible. With that came the possibility for racing games to be VR-ready. Any prominent racing games from iRacing to GT Sports offer virtual reality support.


The main reason VR and racing games match so well is the feeling of being closer to reality. For some racing game enthusiasts, this immersion even exceeds the accessibility of a game. Virtual Reality creates an excellent alternative to the otherwise used monitor setups, allowing you to slip away into another world behind your wheel. It enables players to have a much wider field of view and a more natural way of handling a car. However, turning your head more than during a usual monitor setup does present a challenge. If you have never played with a VR headset, don’t expect lap records straight away. Even experienced drivers are sometimes left trailing behind.

Not as competitive

Except for a few outliers, VR has mostly been part of the enjoyment of racing games. Competitively speaking, most players prefer to have a monitor setup. This trend is because VR takes so much practice to get going. Most of the time, racers are better off leaving the headset off if they chase for points in a championship.

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