Insights in GT 7 and Destruction Allstars

Insights in GT 7 and Destruction Allstars

Sonys “Future of Gaming”-Stream was also a blast for motorsport fans. GT 7 to come with classic campaign mode AND online competition?

Photo credit: Sony PlayStation

Along with the big announcement of the PlayStation 5, Sony introduced nine titles that will be released for the next gen console. Between much anticipated AAA-games like Horizon or Insomniacs next Spider-Man adventure, we also got a first glance at the new Gran Turismo and the surprisingly announced Destruction Allstars.

The best of all Gran Turismo Worlds

It was an open secret that GT 7 is already in development that finally got approved. What we didn’t get, is a release date. Nevertheless, the hopes of GT 7 being a next gen starting title are alive as ever.

The trailer looked quite promising though. Stunnging graphics, the well known Gran Turismo feeling of driving and maybe the biggest buffet of game modes ever seen in the series. Hints are given by the shots of the main menu, showing up in the style of the GT 4 hub. The icons tease a comeback of the GT World Campaign mode, driving school, tuning shop and Brand Central. Due to icons for “Championships” and “GT Sport”, it can be assumed that GT 7 will also follow the Esports driven approach of Gran Turismo Sport.

Kazunori Yamauchi, the President of developer Polyphony Digital already had announced that GT 7 will “combine the best of the past, present and future” to become the “ultimate Gran Turismo”.

An explosive mixture

The announcement of Destruction Allstars might be a gift for every fan of motorsports based over-the-top action like Rocket League. Basically a destruction derby in the tradition of Twisted Metal or Flatout, the game seemingly adds a hero system akin to Overwatch to the gameplay formula. Wallrides and dangerous obstacles support the unreal and overdriven style of the battles just like the cartoonish characters.

To hunt opponents down players can rely on several weapons like hot blades or front shields. It is not clear wether those are collectable power ups, or connected to the different characters or cars. One of the latest points seems likely as the characters can also leave their car and hijack another. Characters can also fight with bare hands and explore the stadium relying on spectacular parcour moves. Time will tell if the game can establish as another esports next to Rocket League.

Creating a brand-new platform for esports racing comes from a necessity the community was lacking. Because esports racing has taken the whole world, it deserves a proper stage to shine. With fans all over the globe, OverTake is here to unite them all in one place – a bold move that we’re up to achieve together with the community.