An image of the Porsche 963 Hypercar in Le Mans Ultimate.
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Why I want Motorsport Games to Succeed

Too often does the sim racing community attack Motorsport Games. Here is why I believe that we should all change and wish for Motorsport Games to succeed.

It’s fair to say that Motorsport Games isn’t the most popular developer in the sim racing industry. Indeed, the company has done several things to upset the community.

It hit the market hard by buying out several exclusive licencing agreements with various championships. That was followed by the first Motorsport Games title, NASCAR 21: Ignition releasing in a sorry state. Soon after, delays came to further titles including the BTCC and IndyCar games.

These are just a few disappointments originating with the MSG team that cause animosity among sim racers. Not to mention the many iRacing Special Events no longer in existence because of the many exclusive licencing deals as well as rumours of unpaid employees and poor finances. So clearly, the community has reason to be sceptical and wary of this new developer.

But I’m here to tell you that we as a community should stop this overly-negative approach. Instead, I believe that it’s time to be positive towards the company. I, for one, applaud its vision and ambition whilst looking forward to its upcoming titles. Indeed, time has come for us to wish for Motorsport Games’ success, here’s why.

Sim Racing Diversity

In recent years, sim racing has become somewhat same-y. Whilst this is certainly something the market has always experienced with the same developers putting out similar games, the current era seems to be experiencing this more than ever.

Indeed, new games are hard to come by, so fans are left with the same-old, same-old line-up. iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Automobilista 2 and rFactor 2 are all most racers drive and those true GT fans will inject a spice of Assetto Corsa Competizione. But if Motorsport Games was to release a selection of titles such as the upcoming Le Mans Ultimate, fans would have more options.

The addition of more contenders within the market can only be a good thing for the consumer. Indeed, as new titles release with greater features, older games and their developers must work harder to compete. In turn, this elevates the quality of the entire industry, making for better games for you and I.

Whilst Motorsport Games’ track record does not hint at them influencing this process, they certainly will. In fact, its upcoming release will bring a revolutionary concept to the sim racing world, namely its Asynchronous cooperative mode. Introducing this new way of completing endurance races could flip the industry on its head, forcing other studios to crack on.

MSG Single-Series Games

As well as helping to elevate the industry-wide level, Motorsport Games has a rather unique take on sim racing. Sure, rFactor 2 is something of a sandbox thanks to its vast content list. But the rest of its projects are all very focused.

This means that fans of a certain series will finally find the representation they have craved for so long. Indeed, the FIA World Endurance Championship, IndyCar and British Touring Car Championship are lacking their own games and have done for a while. So if Motorsport Games can succeed in its goals, many fans are sure to be over the moon.

The FIA WEC game is releasing later this year
The FIA WEC game is releasing later this year. Image credit: FIA WEC Pressroom

I for one am a great endurance racing enthusiast. Indeed, I makes an annual pilgrimage to the greatest race on Earth, the Le Mans 24 Hours. So driving any model that ran in the 2023 race and fighting for a championship will be fantastic.

Furthermore, some of my earliest gaming memories are trying to set fast times around the likes of Knockhill and Oulton Park in TOCA 2: Touring Cars. Being able to return to my roots in an official, modern BTCC game would be a dream.

I’m sure many others feel the same way I do and are excited for what Motorsport Games has to offer. But with the majority of the community lobbing insults and memes the way of the developer, peer pressure may well take over.

Motorsport Games: A Second Chance

Of course, I understand that Motorsport Games has let the community down already in its short existence. Obviously, that is reason to be sceptical about anything the company announces, offers or releases. However, that also is no reason to automatically throw abuse at any news that emerges from the studio.

Motorsport Games should be encouraged not hated
Motorsport Games should be encouraged not hated. Image credit: Motorsport Games

Instead, approach the company with caution, but with an open mind. I for one will not trust the state of Le Mans Ultimate until it releases. But that does not mean I want to dismiss it simply because of its association with MSG.

Last week, the company displayed its rather dire situation and I feel that if we lose it, we will all regret it. So please, let’s band together and hope that Motorsport Games can put out a high quality title, rather than egging on its downfall.

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