Le Mans is getting many games this year including AMS 2
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Will AMS 2 Steal Le Mans Ultimate’s Thunder?

Le Mans Ultimate

Last month, Motorsport Games announced its newest project, an endurance racing simulator. But with Le Mans content coming to AMS 2, will the licensed game even be the best LM racer?

New content and advancements when it comes to the handling model are forming a buzz around Automobilista 2 in recent months. The Brazilian game now features a brilliant 1970s Nordschleife, all the best tracks in the modern world and some amazing cars. To make the title even more potent, major physics improvements are on their way to the game any time now.

All this, plus a major announcement a few weeks ago surrounding Le Mans endurance content means the game’s stock is rising in the eyes of sim racers. This sudden growth in popularity will certainly be worrying Motorsport Games as they plan to release a Le Mans-centric title at the end of the year.

With both the new Le Mans Ultimate game and the AMS 2 LM pack coming out later in 2023, the two releases are sure to be compared. So let’s kick start the battle by wondering if AMS 2 will out-do the officially licensed title.

Confidence is Low with MSG

As mentioned above, Motorsport Games is currently working on an officially licenced FIA World Endurance Championship racing game. This title will include all the cars and tracks from this season and is set to be updated with new content for years to come.

Le Mans Ultimate will release in December of this year, according to the developers, and certainly caused some excitement upon announcement. However, despite reportedly being a simple adaptation of the rFactor 2 platform, It is still a Motorsport Games production. This name alone isn’t the most hope-inspiring. A delayed IndyCar game, the promise of a British Touring Car title vanished and several worrying rumours concerning the company itself fill Le Mans fans’ minds with dread.

So, the game may feel like a worrying prospect due to the team’s track record. What’s more, it also feels like a rushed project. Last month, I was lucky enough to try the game and chat with the team behind it at Le Mans. Whilst the graphics were impressive, the game didn’t fill me with desire and optimism.

It is clear both from trying it out and chatting with devs that this is a rapid rFactor 2 reskin. In fact, every issue one has with the decade-old title was present in this early version of the Le Mans game. I particularly noticed poor sound detail and numb brake sensitivity, much like in rF2.

With so many minor grievances all piling on top of one another, it’s difficult to hype up this title. And that is where Reiza Studios has a great opportunity.

Automobilista 2 Showing Promise

A few weeks ago, we covered the story that Reiza has secured a deal with the ACO. The organising body of the Le Mans 24 Hours agreed to feature content from the great race in the game. In true Automobilista 2 style, the announcement mentioned both modern and historical content. This is what is sure to excite endurance racing fans.

The Le Mans 24 Hours has incredible history behind it and Reiza is looking to highlight that with its DLC. Alongside the modern circuit and cars including the flourishing top class, AMS 2 will get historic cars and tracks. This will include a 1990’s and 1970’s version of the circuit, both of which will feature an uninterrupted Mulsanne Straight. Several cars matching these eras will also join the game in DLC form.

Group C will finally get to race at Le Mans in Automobilista 2 later this year
Group C will finally get to race at Le Mans in Automobilista 2 later this year – Image credit: Reiza Studios

All-in-all, the future of Le Mans content in AMS 2 sounds very promising. But when it comes to the current state of the game, there is even more good news, especially concerning complaints fans have had from the start.

Alongside the LM pack announcement, Reiza confirmed that we are just a few weeks away from the title’s physics getting an overhaul. Update 1.5 is on its way and with it will come much needed improvements to the game’s tyre model, and the way suspension and aerodynamics co-exist. With a number of cars in the game already featuring these changes, the update certainly fills fans with optimism.

As a result, Automobilista 2 currently looks like the more promising official Le Mans game.

A Long Way to Go

Whilst AMS 2 looks like a strong contender as a go-to Le Mans game when its content releases later this year, one must point out that Le Mans Ultimate is in the earlier stages of development. The version I personally tested during the Le Mans 24 Hour week was a long way from the final product.

With that in mind, many improvements are sure to be made. Furthermore, the developers on-site mentioned how much data they are receiving from teams. This should ensure the driving experience in LMU is the most authentic one can get.

Only time will tell which game becomes the best FIA World Endurance Championship simulator. But what is for sure is that Le Mans fans are in as great a time as ever to truly experience the thrill of racing in the fabled event from the comfort of their home.

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