BMW M Hybrid V8 in the iRacing Sebring 12 Hours

Best of Social Media: iRacing Sebring 12 Hours


This weekend saw the iRacing community converge at Sebring for the infamous 12-hour race. With much going on, Social Media was as ever full of great content. Here are the social media highlights from the iRacing Sebring 12 Hours.

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iRacing special events often make for great community highlights on social media, and the Sebring 12 Hours was no different. With stacked grids and over 3,200 teams taking part, this second major iRacing endurance Special Event brought the simracing community together.

Be it by competing, following along with the various streams or simply glancing at your social media feed, it was impossible to miss out on this great race. In fact, there was so much Sebring content throughout YouTube, Twitter, Tiktok and Instagram that it would be next-to impossible to witness everything. Especially with 36 full splits of racing.

To help you stay in the loop, here are our social media highlights of the 2023 iRacing Sebring 12 Hours.

Bottom Split Provides the Laughs

At times, simracing esports can get a bit too serious. Sure, reputations and money are on the line, but at times, fans just want to sit back and enjoy a more relaxed show. That is exactly what the Bottom Split Twitch channel is all about.

Rather than focusing on the best of the best racers on iRacing, Bottom Split does what it says on the tin. This Twitch channel spends a few hours watching the goings on in the bottom split of iRacing events.

Watch the full live stream here.

A two-hour restream is available to watch on Twitch. It is best to play the video in the background whilst doing other things. Look up every time you hear “oh, no!” and you’re sure to be rolling on the floor in minutes. From race craft to be desired to awful track knowledge and the most ridiculous strategy decisions you have ever seen. This video has it all.

Max Verstappen DNFs from the iRacing Sebring 12 Hours

In 2023, F1 World Champion Max Verstappen has had very poor luck. Connection issues at Le Mans Virtual began the year and power outages for his Daytona 24 teammates left his challenge in ruins at the end of January.

Taking part in the Sebring 12 Hours with fellow real-world prodigee, Alex Palou, the Dutchman was hoping to put the opening simraces of the year behind him. However, as luck would have it, he once again wouldn’t make it to the end.

This time, it wasn’t hardware that put his race to an end. Instead, his Ferrari 488 GT3 car was taken out by not one, but two separate incidents. On both occasions, faster class cars made contact with the Red Bull sponsored machine. The F1 and Indycar aces were reportedly left with six minutes of repairs and decided not to go on, just an hour and a half into the race.

The Golden Hour at Sebring

In motorsport, there’s always a special feeling as the sun begins to set. Not only does it make for some of the most gorgeous photos in the sport. It also signifies the end of a day’s racing. A 12-hour race usually comes to its end around sunset.

This year’s iRacing Sebring race followed that formula, as the moment the sun began to set made for a stunning highlight. Quite literally in fact, as it led to orange under glow peering from under the cars’ splitters. Despite not being a racing moment, this was too pretty a sight not to point out.

iRacing is far from the most graphically impressive game in simracing. But at times like this, it has its own charm.

Urano Esports wins the iRacing Sebring 12 Hours

There’s nothing better than coming to the end of a long race and crossing the finishing line in first place. That is what Urano Esports managed in the GTP class of the top split. To win the event outright against the best teams in the business must be a feeling unlike any other.

Not only that, but the main team’s sister car rounded out the podium, creating a Redline sandwich.

Shown live on the VCO live stream, the #1 car came across the line followed by its team car, flashing their lights in celebration. It’s clear to see just how much this means to the team that has now won two major iRacing events in the new BMW LMDh prototype.

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