A white Nissan GT-R racecar (left) and a gold Lamborghini Huracán racecar (right) parked on a racetrack's start/finish straight.
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Cars and Tracks from the GT Movie that Could Come to GT7

Gran Turismo 7

With the many different cars and tracks seen in the Gran Turismo movie, there’s a few of them that aren’t in the Gran Turismo 7 game. Could they be added in the future?

It wasn’t too long ago that the words ‘movie based on a video game’ sent shivers down everyone’s spines. But in recent years, some movies and TV series based on video games have been received positively.

Just in 2023, there are movies of Super Mario Bros and Dungeons & Dragons. TV series based on The Last Of Us, Twisted Metal and an upcoming Gears of War series. Well for us sim racing fans, we also got one in the form of Gran Turismo. Albeit with a bit of a twist.

Unlike those aforementioned pieces of media, Gran Turismo isn’t adapting the contents of the games. Instead, it follows the true story of Jann Mardenborough, a gamer who went from playing the game in his bedroom to becoming a real life racing driver.

The movie has been getting mostly positive reviews, many citing the incorporation of elements from the Gran Turismo game as a strong point. But there are plenty of elements in the Gran Turismo movie that can’t be found in any of the games.

So we thought we’d compile a list of cars, tracks and more from the movie. Maybe they could be added to GT7 at some point in the future.

NOTE: Spoilers ahead for the Gran Turismo movie.


Throughout the movie, there are plenty of cars seen that aren’t currently in the game. A few road cars like the Aston Martin Vantage GT12 and the Lamborghini Huracán STO. There’s even a Porsche 992 GT3 Cup car from the Porsche Supercup in Jann’s opening race on the game.

The Aston and Porsche were both seen in the game whilst the Lamborghini was being scanned as if it was going to be added in. Can we read into that? Surely they wouldn’t accidentally show cars not currently in GT7 both in the game and being scanned, right? Without the intention of adding them in the future.

After Jann wins the competition, he then shares the track with a load of different racing cars.

A white sports prototype with the PlayStation logo on it.
The Ligier JS PX that Jann drives towards the end of the movie. Image credit: themoviedb.org

Just quickly naming a few of the race cars, there’s the Aston Martin Vantage GT4, McLaren 720S GT3 and Chevrolet Camaro GT4. There’s even a race-ready Corvette C8, which we can’t distinctively claim whether it’s the GTE car like they’ve raced for the last few years, or the upcoming GT3 version.

But undoubtedly, the most prominent of them all is the Ligier JS PX that Mardenborough drives in the 24 hours of Le Mans during the movie’s final act. It’s essentially a derestricted LMP2 car, powered by an 825 horsepower V6 and weighing 910 kilograms. Ligier claim it can lap Le Mans in 3:19, though Jann managed to go over four seconds quicker than that in the movie.

If any of these cars were to get added, the Ligier seems most likely. Perhaps tied into an event or in the next update.


Now we come to tracks, and there are a few that we couldn’t decipher. One that Kazunori Yamauchi (portrayed by Takehiro Hira) is testing a Honda NSX and Ford GT on, and another that is being designed on a computer. But there are certainly many that we can identify, including one that very much overstayed its welcome.

In the movie, they go to many high profile venues like Silverstone, Le Mans and the non-descript ‘English Speedway’ which is totally not meant to be Brands Hatch. Except for the most part, they didn’t. In truth, they used the Hungaroring to pose as all these venues and a few others. Of course, 99% of the movie-going audience will not pick up on this detail, or care.

Despite featuring prominently in the movie, the Hungaroring probably won’t be added due to the fact it was never presented as itself. As for Silverstone which was in GT6, due to licencing issues it probably won’t return to the series for the forseeable future.

But now for a track that did feature in the movie. Mardenborough competes at the Dubai Autodrome, where the real life counterpart took a class podium in the 24 hour race with three fellow GT Academy winners.

Along with the 24 hour race, the 3.35 mile circuit is used for the Asian Le Mans Series and Formula Regional Middle East. With its high speed sweepers, it would definitely be a popular addition to GT7. If any track from the movie were to get added to the game, it would be this one.

Free Roam

At the beginning of the movie, Jann is driving his dad’s car with his brother to attend a social gathering. He is the designated driver on the way home after his brother has too much to drink. They become disruptive and the police intervene, pulling them and their friends over.

Jann doesn’t want to miss his qualifying race the following day, so he floors it and the police give chase. Somehow managing to elude them, something most players in Gran Turismo 7 cops and robbers lobbies can only dream of.

A BMW M4 in a British police livery chasing a VW hatchback on Westminster Bridge in London.
Cops and robbers are very popular in Gran Turismo multiplayer lobbies. Image credit: Polyphony Digital / User paxo666

An interesting element of the police chase were the Gran Turismo game graphics that feature throughout the movie. If you look in the corner when watching this scene, a mini-map is displayed with a street gridding system. There have been street tracks in the games for years, but always closed off.

With the series having focused on closed circuit racing for the past 25 years, are they about to dabble in the Forza Horizon and Need for Speed market? It could be a stretch of course. But nobody expected an ambulance to be added to the game, so there are certainly more absurd things that have happened.

With how prevalent cops and robbers themed multiplayer lobbies are, a free roam mode would certainly be very popular.

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