Could the GTA 6 car scene evident in the trailer rival Forza Horizon?
Image credit: Rockstar Games

Could GTA 6 Be Forza Horizon’s Next Big Rival?

The day is here. The first GTA 6 trailer released this morning, full of cars. Judging by footage, could GTA 6 be the next major Forza Horizon rival?

The market for open world racing games is slowly but surely getting somewhat crowded. Forza Horizon is now a decade-old series, The Crew is clutching at its heals, Test Drive Unlimited is returning next year and Need For Speed is trying to return to its ‘good old days.’

But following the release of the first GTA 6 trailer, it seems the selection may grow even further. We have already pointed out today that the much-anticipated trailer features a great number of cars, all replicating real-world models. But in countless scenes, the rich Miami car scene is clearly on show. If GTA 6 manages to celebrate this correctly, could the next Forza Horizon release be in trouble?

Miami’s Car Community

When one thinks of Miami, parties and extravagance should be the first thing that springs to mind. In fact, it very much appears to be a Los Angeles equivalent for the East Coast.

But for car fans and racers, that party atmosphere easily translates into a fun-loving, eclectic and ridiculous car scene. Latin America is known for its lowrider scene, something that has evidently caught on in Southern Coastal US cities. Miami is one of them.

However, with the rich kids and extravagant nature of the city, supercars are also a frequent sight Downtown. One must simply look up Miami Vice to realise that fast flashy Ferraris and dazzling Lambos are the top choice for big spenders.

It seems that both sides of this car scene in Miami are accurately reflected in GTA 6 and Vice City. The trailer portrays the high-society supercars and down-to-earth tuner meets in great detail.

How GTA 6 Could Rival Forza Horizon

For racing game fans, it is this apparent representation of an infamous car community that could well prove popular. In fact, rarely do modern titles paint the car-loving world in a positive light.

Need For Speed with Unbound is becoming a mockery of petrolheads. Elsewhere, the Forza Horizon franchise seemingly omits the passion for cars, instead pushing a love for the fastest vehicles possible. The Crew Motorfest does a good job of celebrating car culture, but manages to simply skim the surface without truly diving into nerdy details. That is except from with its somewhat cringeworthy dialogue.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is looking set to receive a late-2025 release date, in line with the past two Rockstar titles. Funnily enough, that could tie in with the next Forza Horizon release. With little to no rumours swirling about a sixth game, a Q3 2024 launch is looking less and less likely. But 2025 would mark four years since FH5, and two years since the latest Forza Motorsport game.

There is no doubt that regardless of its focus on the automotive world, GTA 6 will be one of the highest grossing games in history. But if the next instalment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise paints a detailed, fun picture of the Miami car scene, whilst providing players with plenty to do, chances are Forza Horizon 6 sales could suffer further.

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