These GTR2 mods are essential in 2023
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Essential Mods You Need To Play GTR 2 in 2023

GTR 2 is still a popular game. But a dedicated modding community has transformed it into an unrecognisable beast. Here are the most essential mods you need to play GTR 2 in 2023.

Spiritual successor is a term many a sim racer uses to describe some of the most talked about games currently on the market. In fact, Assetto Corsa, ACC and GTRevival are all said to be spiritual successors to an famous game from the past: GTR 2.

The official FIA GT racing game paved the way for more recent games in a number of ways. GTRevival is an upcoming title by the same core team that formed SimBin, the GTR 2 developers. Assetto Corsa Competizione is the official racing game to the SRO GT World Challenge, a descendant of the FIA GT Series in its own way. Finally, Assetto Corsa took the baton as the most moddable title on the racing game market.

But that is not to say that GTR 2 is a dead product in 2023. It is still available to purchase on Steam, and with some special mods, it can rival the quality of modern sims. Keep reading to find out what those mods actually are in our guide to essential mods to play GTR 2 in 2023.

GTR 2 Update 1.1 In Mod Form

As aforementioned, GTR 2 is still a popular title. Despite its age, having released in 2006, it is still available to purchase on the Steam Store for PC. One can pick the title up for around 8€ at its standard price. However, it regularly goes for discounted prices below the 5€ mark.

However, to remain on Steam, the developers have had to make concessions over the years. When the game was created, licencing deals for Ferrari and Porsche models – which make up a large amount of the base game content – were for a limited time. As a result, to stay on the market, the cars were removed from the title. Today, if you buy the game, you will only have access to the more niche models from the likes of Saleen, TVR and Lotus.

Ferrari and Porsche return to GTR 2 thanks to Update 1.1 and No-CD Patch
Ferrari and Porsche return to GTR 2 thanks to Update 1.1 and No-CD Patch. Image credit: GTR233 on RD / Simbin Studios

Thanks to the RaceDepartment community however, one can still complete the 2003 and 2004 FIA GT grids. The v1.1 Patch for GTR 2 reinstates all missing content, including the Ferrari and Porsche models from both the GT and N-GT classes. It also brings a few minor bug fixes, much like any game patch.

No-CD Patch

It is worth noting however that, after downloading the v1.1 patch, one will be met with a launch warning. In fact, the Steam version of the game is not designed to run update 1.1. As a result, the No-CD Patch works in unison with the aforementioned update.

Install the No-CD Patch and your game will run just like it did before, except this time, with the Ferrari and Porsche additions from v1.1.

Much like most GTR 2 mods, the No-CD Patch simply requires a drag and drop procedure. Copy the downloaded files and paste them to your GTR 2 install folder. Hit ‘Replace Files’ and you should notice a new shortcut for the game. Make sure to open the game via this new shortcut rather than your Steam Library.

GTR 2 Essential Mods: SHO Competition

Now the game is fixed, to its former glory, it is time to modernise it. On RaceDepartment, one can find a number of impressive mods to enhance GTR 2. However, some of the best creations have to be from RD user Shovas, behind the SHO Competition collection.

The SHO Competition mod exists in two forms for GTR 2; one tackling the Force Feedback, another addressing AI issues.

In fact, the AI mod provides a number of tweaks to its functioning. A lot of the strange behaviour from AI on base content tracks disappears after installing the SHO Competition AI mod. Everything from early braking, strangely slow corner speeds and racecraft oddities are all far less frequent thanks to the mod.

Shovas’ FFB collection essentially provides a number of settings files to prevent players spending hours fine-tuning. However, it also brings a number of enhancements to the depth of Feedback. As a result, this already immersive title becomes even more so.

GTR 2 Anniversary Patch: All Mods In One

Scrolling through the RD mod list for GTR 2, one will notice a number of new shaders and graphical tweaks. But with so much to choose from, pin-pointing the perfect mod for one’s needs can be tricky.

GTR 2 Anniversary Patch brings many graphical enhancements, including rain
GTR 2 Anniversary Patch brings many graphical enhancements, including rain. Image credit: GTR233 on Racedepartment / Simbin Studios

However, there is an all-in-one mod to beautify the game. The GTR 2 Anniversary Patch was first released in 2018 and last updated in 2022. It combines a vast number of mods in one overhaul of the game. In fact, all four aforementioned mods feature in this collection. However, it also comes with graphical shaders, physics tweaks, improved car and track models and more.

As a result, the download is rather sizeable and can take its toll on lower end systems. Therefore, for those looking to experience GTR 2 in its original form, this hefty install may not be the way to go. Those looking to transform the game into a massive title, ready to run the plethora of car and track mods available, this mod is essential.

As part of the collection of mods in this Anniversary Patch is also the 4GB Patch, allowing the game to use 4GB of virtual memory rather than the original 2GB. Crucial for running larger grid sizes and at longer tracks, this small tweak will transform your GTR 2 experience.

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