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FHK Racing League: Promoting Women in F1 22

F1 22

FHK is a league for many women hoping to get involved in competitive racing on F1 22. Here is all the important information about this F1 racing league for women and men.

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With F1 22‘s launch just days away, players will want to scratch their competitive itch. There’s going to be many ways to participate in organised racing through leagues. Of course, there are leagues for top level F1 Esports drivers with the likes of Premier Sim Gaming Leagues or World Online Racing. But there are many leagues for players of all difficulty levels and assist requirements.

The brilliance of online league racing is the widespread accessibility. One league in particular is looking to provide more accessibility to more people, FHK Racing League. Headed by Naomi aka JustHun and Keiran ‘KeirD95’ Doyle, and it’s a league specifically for teams made up of one male and one female racer.

History of FHK

The league had its first running back in 2020. The series was centred on the team’s championship, as it’s all about teammates working together. This is quite an atypical approach for league racing as a whole, since most leagues are all about just the one driver racing for themselves.

Hun and Keir told OverTake that as well as incentivising more women to participate, FHK is also designed as a space for likeminded people regardless of being male or female. Also with the emphasis on the team’s championship, it means the teammates have to work together, communicate and learn from each other to get the result.

For the upcoming season, there will be two tiers. Both are made up of a maximum of 10 male and 10 female drivers each. There are no details yet on dates, however the league intends to wait until F1 22‘s intended crossplay feature is enabled.

Anyone hoping to take part will therefore be able to do so on any platform. Whether it’s PC, PlayStation or Xbox, anyone can get involved. It’s open to players aged 14 or up, and there are prizes for the top three duos in both tiers.

How to Apply

FHK is open to anybody, not just drivers but stewards and commentators too. Their Discord server is open and they also have a Google Docs form for all applicants.

Stay tuned to FHK’s social channels such as Twitter to find out more about the schedule and how to follow the broadcast as well as potentially being able to get involved.

Will you be applying to FHK Racing League? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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