Here are our top mods for EA Sports WRC.
Here are our top mods for EA Sports WRC. Image credit: EA Sports

Fix EA Sports WRC With These Top Mods


The EA Sports WRC launch was difficult at best, but a month on, the community is doing its best to fix the game with mods. Here are our top picks.

The first in its series, EA Sports WRC suffered a controversial initial release. A fun game, but featuring performance issues, bugs and strange implementations, it received polarising reviews early on.

Over the past month, the developers have gone some way to correcting its faults. But there are some design choices that will certainly never change. Fear not however, as the community is here to save the day. In fact, mods are beginning to appear for EA Sports WRC, all doing a top job at correcting flaws in the title. Here are some must-have choices to fix the game right now.

Performance Fixes for EA Sports WRC

As aforementioned, many players are still suffering from poor performance in EA Sports WRC. Whilst some rally fans are enjoying smooth framerates and rapid load times, others still get stutters and glitches. Recently, we highlighted a few settings that could help with running the game better. But for those that are still struggling, RaceDepartment has a few mods that could help.

It is worth noting that EA and Codemasters are rapidly releasing updates, with another due next week. Therefore, the effectiveness of these mods may not be consistent. But at the time of writing, shadow82‘s Bloom, draw distance and stutter fix is the most recently updated creation. For the most part, this mod affects the poor contrast levels in certain rally locations. But it does also touch on past stutters, draw distances and pop-in.

Previous performance-fixing mods are available for EA Sports WRC. However, they have not been updated since recent game patches. As a result, we are unsure of the help they will truly bring.

Better Customisation Mods

Now that EA Sports WRC should run smoothly, it is time to truly enjoy the game. But for that, one must drive a car they feel comfortable in. So for that, it is time to paint a car in the perfect livery. The title does have its own livery editor, which allows some rather stunning creations. However, creating realistic liveries is made hard by the editor’s lack of real world brands and sponsors.

But thanks to a mod on RaceDepartment, one can replace the existing fake logos with real world company emblems. Real Sponsors Logos by UDegani is not the only livery editor enhancement with real brands. But it does feature the largest selection of logos, from all walks of motorsport.

Get these top livery mods for EA Sports WRC on RaceDepartment.
Get these top livery mods for EA Sports WRC on RaceDepartment. Image credit: Sim Vansevenant on RD / EA Sports

If creating a personal livery requires too much time, the RD community is also working tirelessly on EA Sports WRC car skins. At the time of writing, Sim Vansevenant has a collection of early-2000’s WRC liveries to choose from.

But that is not all one can do to customise the game. In fact, the home screen features the player’s driver model in front of a personally chose car. Whilst adding in one’s favourite car is a nice touch, the ambiance does not benefit from a basic racing suit. So with that in mind, RD user ehera has put together the Real RacingSuit mod enabling the use of real world driver suits. The in-game character can now strut their stuff in a variety of WRC, R2 and JWRC apparel.

EA Sports WRC Immersion Mods

The real world racing suit mod is not ehera’s only contribution to the betterment of EA Sports WRC. In fact, they have created a number of top enhancement-improving mods for the game.

One of the most noticeable additions to the game has to be the so-called More Windshield Raindrop mod. As standard, rain in EA Sports WRC does not add much to the experience, bar reducing the overall grip. But with this mod, one must actually use the wipers to see the road ahead.

The Marshalls look far better with this replacement.
The Marshalls look far better with this replacement. Image credit: ehera on RD / EA Sports

Elsewhere, ehera also finds issue with the game’s standard Marshalls. Fully clothed in fire-proof overalls, they do not accurately reflect the rally world. Therefore, they took it upon themselves to give these start line and finish post organisers regular clothes and a simple bib. A recent update to the Replace Marshall Mod includes tabards for filming crews, akin to the press passes of the real world.

Finally in the long list of top ehera mods for EA Sports WRC is the removal of the UI countdown at the start of a stage. In fact, each run in the game features a physical counter beside the road, in addition to the co-driver’s verbal countdown. So why would one need a Hud element displaying the lights? If this is an issue that bugs you in EA Sports WRC, make sure to get it now.

One must point out that EA Sports WRC is not designed for modding. As a result, the game runs a file integrity check. If found to be running with modified files, rumours suggest that bans from the online servers are possible. Therefore, either play in offline mode when using the mods, or run them at your own risk.

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