Here's how you can play EA Sports WRC early
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How to Play EA Sports WRC Early


We are just two weeks away from players getting their hands on EA Sports WRC, so here’s how to play this exciting new rally game early.

Announced last month with a November release date, EA Sports WRC has quickly become one of the most anticipated racing games of 2023. Frequent information deep dives and very promising content creator first impressions have left the simracing community finally looking forward to a new rally release.

With that in mind, players are sure to want to try it out for themselves as soon as possible. We certainly cannot wait to jump back in and get our rallying careers up and running. So here is how to play the game as early as three days before the 3 November release date.

Pre-Order EA Sports WRC

Like majority of modern titles, players that buy EA Sports WRC before its release will get to play early. Pre-ordering offers up to three days early access. So your first hours in EA Sports WRC could well take place from 31 October.

There is more good news. Anyone that owns Dirt Rally 2.0 can pre-order the new game with a 10% discount. In fact, the only available version of the game comes in at a base price of €49,99. However, loyal Codemasters rally fans that played Dirt Rally 2.0 can get this new game for €44,99 until 3 November.

Along with the three days of early access, those that pre-order EA Sports WRC will get access to five so-called VIP Season Passes. These will add additional gameplay content such as special events, challenges and rallies. Furthermore, Livery and Apparel packs for each of the three Rally1 manufacturers will be provided to those that pre-order the game.

Everything we know

Picking back up where Dirt Rally 2.0 left off, EA Sports WRC is the return of the Codemasters rally game, this time under the official WRC licence. It will feature the new generation of top-class hybrid R1 rally cars alongside a host of modern and classic vehicles spanning a 78-strong car list. These models make up a grand total of 18 classes from the history of rallying.

Players will get to race this long list of cars on over 600 individual kilometres of road. A total of 18 rally locations once Central Europe releases post-launch will make for great variety. Furthermore, longer than ever before Codies stages will span up to 35km in a single run.

The addition of longer stages is reportedly thanks to a new engine approach. For the first time in many years, the British studio will not use the Ego engine on a new title. Instead, EA Sports WRC is uses the Unreal Engine allowing for more natural lighting and larger environments.

In EA Sports WRC, there will be many game modes to entertain. The Career Mode will surely enthral many with its builder cars. Meanwhile, Moments will see players travel back to iconic moments in rallying history. The Multiplayer side of the game will feature the ability to create massive cross-platform rallies in Clubs.

All of these game modes should be enjoyable thanks to an overhauled handling model. The developers took Dirt Rally 2.0 and seemingly improved each element of it. Our recent test of the game left us very impressed.

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