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Our Favourite Funny F1 22 Steam Reviews

F1 22

Sometimes it’s all about a good laugh. We collected the funniest reviews on F1 22 on Steam.

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The esports racing community is also a home of many comedic talents. You don’t believe us? We took a look at the Steam reviews of Codemasters’ newest Formula 1 game F1 22. Some of the reviews are just…something else. But see for yourself. Here are the funniest Steam reviews of F1 22.

F1 Life or The Sims?

With F1 Life, EA Sports and Codemasters introduced a lifestyle-focused feature into F1 22. However, the community keeps discussing whether F1 Life takes too much space within the game. Or as this user summarises it:

The Sims 5 is looking good, and the racing minigame is also cool I guess.

JJ Yeley

When F1 22 Becomes too Realistic

A lot of players are also expressing their opinion on the actual gameplay of F1 22. Sometimes, it seems to be just a bit too close to reality.

Red bull go brrrrrr, Mercedes goes boingboing, Ferrari goes “engine failure” and Mclaren doesnt go.


Ricciardo pulled up alongside me and verstappen’d me under a safety car restart.


Unrealistic game I played as Ferrari and my engine didn’t blow up


Just like F1 2021 but the AI learned how to divebomb.


Saying Goodbye to the Ones we (did not) Love

Once again, several changes have been made to the game. While some of them seem to spark joy, others have hit the community right in the heart.

two reviews. one positive saying: "they removed mazepin." one negative saying: "they removed jeff."
Whether you like the changes of the game or not seems to depend on the perspective. Photo credit: Steam.

The Community Pays Tribute to Nicholas Latifi

One very special driver seems to have conquered the hearts of the community as he is the subject in a lot of reviews.

Last game with king Latifi dont cry because its over smile because it happened.

Isaac Drongostein

I just like getting Latifi his 9th wdc.


Game is good, but crashes more than Latifi.


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