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The F1 Series has a Major Problem even EA can’t solve

F1 22

The F1 game series by Codemasters has been running for a while but recent iterations may have lost the appeal of previous versions. What is causing the downfall of this once popular franchise?

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Back in the day, F1 games were the most anticipated titles in simracing. Today, that positivity has well and truly disappeared. In its place are crushing reviews and an overwhelming sense that these once popular games are getting worse.

F1 22‘s fate has been no better. Since EA took control of Codemasters, this is the first iteration of the game fully created under the gaming giant’s gaze and yet nothing has changed. Keen to see what’s going on, Marvin took a closer look. Not only has he figured out F1 22‘s problem. He thinks it’s bad news for the F1 series as a whole. Sorry EA.

F1 game: The go-to for simracing gameplay?

Available on PC and consoles, the F1 franchise of games caters to a diverse audience. Though simracers would love to race on a wheel and have the physical experience of driving a Grand Prix, most will tackle the F1 games on a gamepad.

As such, it’s surely difficult for the developers to put together something that will please everyone. And so usually, they don’t. Physics are usually a sore spot for many PC racers, though they offer a perfect compromise between simulation and arcade. By no means can they compete with Assetto Corsa or iRacing, but they exceed the arcade games like Need For Speed.

Other than mid-range feeling behind the wheel, the F1 franchise sets itself apart when it comes to the gameplay. No other sim offers the single player experience found in My Team or the Career mode. Despite its downfalls, the rest of the simracing world could learn a thing or two from F1 22.

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