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This rFactor 2 Mod lets you Race 1950’s Sportscars

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Many dub the 1950’s as the glory days of endurance motorsport. Well thanks to this rFactor 2 mod you can drive these open top sportscars. Here’s all you need to know.

Ask me where I’d go if given a time machine and the most likely answer would revolve around Le Mans. One of the best eras to visit Le Mans must surely be the 1950’s, when sports cars were brash machines that posed a true challenge to their drivers.

This was a time when the Le Mans circuit was far different than it is today, despite retaining recognisable names. It pushed driver’s to their physical limits whilst putting cars through their mechanical paces.

Whilst time travel and time machines aren’t around quite yet, the next best thing for motorsport fans is sim racing. Boot up your computer with the likes of Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2 installed and you have history at your fingertips.

Race old cars at old tracks and feel transported in time
Race old cars at old tracks and feel transported in time – Image credit: Studio-397

One third party creation that I’ve been having great fun with in recent weeks makes the most of exactly that aspect of the hobby. That would have to be Woochoo’s 1954 Endurance Sportscars mod for rF2 providing the opportunity to visit such a glorious time in Le Mans history. Not only does it allow one to plunge into a golden age of the sport, it also makes for some fantastic racing. Here’s everything you need to know about the mod.

Sublime Driving Experience

Whilst this mod puts together a number of gorgeous car models and performance windows, it is essentially a collection of the same car. Each model, be it the knock-off Aston Martin or fake Ferrari is based on rFactor 2‘s AC Cobra. This car is fun to drive as standard in the game. But with tweaks from Woochoo making for a plethora of different unique features, racing these old open top sportscars is brilliant.

First of all, each car produces a fantastic sound. From deep, roaring V8 engines to tuneful six-cylinder machines all the way up to the screech of a Ferrari V12, the mod has it all. Whilst rF2 has never been known for its detailed sound engine, this mod seemingly rectifies the issue and makes for a deafening yet detailed experience behind the wheel.

Driving these 1950's sportscars is truly fun in rF2
Driving these 1950’s sportscars is truly fun in rF2 – Image credit: Studio-397

Elsewhere, the throttle response is extremely sharp. With the lack of turbochargers in any car and tyres that don’t grip like modern solutions, one can easily predict how the rear tyres will cope with torque. This means that you can use the throttle to help guide cars round corners. Perfect the skill and you’ll end up satisfyingly sliding through each and every turn with the perfect amount of slip.

1950’s Sportscars are a Challenge

They may be fun, but that doesn’t mean driving these large capacity bath tubs on wheels is easy. Each cars sits on a set of old-style, narrow bias ply tyres with little tread touching the tarmac. Couple this low-grip contact patch with drum brakes which feature in most cars and you have a mind-bending driving experience.

In fact, when jumping behind the wheel of one of these models, it’s important to keep these two things in mind. Every input in this car must be smooth, progressive and completed in anticipation. Braking points must be moved much further forward to have any hope of reach the apex. Turn-in cannot be a sharp action unless you want to overload the tyres. Worst of all, each turn will feel like a snail’s pace compared to modern machinery.

Slow right down into corners with these cars or else!
Slow right down into corners with these cars or else! – Image credit: Studio-397

Indeed, due to the low-grip tyres, these cars take hairpin turns very slowly. Over-step the bounds of grip even by a smidge and the fronts will lose traction causing understeer. However, managing this correctly for a turn, then a lap and even a full stint is one of the most satisfying feelings I have had in sim racing.

Furthermore, with no downforce to speak of, these require drivers to drop their expectations through faster turns. Where a modern GT car may take a turn flat, these will require a decent brake, most certainly a downshift and a very careful throttle application. Use the pedals to transfer the weight well and you will find plenty of time.

As a result, not only is this mod a challenge to get right on-track, it’s also a brilliant learning experience. Nailing weight transfer in these cars will put you on the right track to gain time in more modern racers.

The 1954 Sportscars mod for rFactor 2 features many models
The 1954 Sportscars mod for rFactor 2 features many models – Image credit: Studio-397

An Immersive rF2 Mod

Focussing on the 1954 World Sportscar Championship, this rFactor 2 mod features every car one could imagine. The five-litre top class features brutes such as the Jaguar D-Type and Ferrari 375. Lower classes with less weight but less power like the Bristols and Gordinis provide a challenge for these brutal models on tighter venues. However, on the long straights of Le Mans, top class models rule the hen house.

Each car has several liveries relating to a privateer or manufacturer teams. Whilst modern-day designs see cars covered in flicks, logos and shapes graphic designers have spent weeks on, these older cars are of a simpler style. Full body colours represent a manufacturer or country and large number plates allow spectators and racers alike to recognise each competitor.

Remove the HUD for one of the most immersive experiences in sim racing
Remove the HUD for one of the most immersive experiences in sim racing – Image credit: Studio-397

This clear signage makes racing with this creation very immersive. Despite the cars carrying unofficial nameplates to avoid licensing issues, each specific example is recognisable on-track. In longer custom championships, this means you can spot standings rivals and race them harder than other racers.

Overall, the 1954 Endurance Sports Car mod for rF2 is certainly one of the best available for the game. It is of brilliant quality and it’s clear to see that Woochoo, the creator, is proud of what they do. It is available to download simply from the game’s Steam Workshop page and don’t worry about search for it. It’s quite often on the front page.

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