A large field of FIA F4 cars on the start finish section of the Daytona superspeedway.
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Unique Sim Racing Events That Could Not Happen in Real Life

As amazing as sim racing can be for how it replicates real life racing, it also lacks a lot of the limitations that are present in the real world. Here are some unique sim racing events that could not take place in real life but would make for a great time in the virtual world.

Sim racing as a whole can accurately replicate what happens in the real world. Understandably, there exists sim racing versions of real life championships, like the Le Mans Virtual Series which is essentially the World Endurance Championship’s esports series.

But does every championship in sim racing have to completely replicate a pre-existing real world series? With the lack of certain factors that make things impossible in the real world. Including such things as having to acquire the cars, load them onto cargo planes and operate them at the tracks.

Sim racing can certainly skip over certain limitations, and so many sim racing events as a result are not bogged down in what is realistic. We decided to list some events that have taken place which do lean into this.

24 Races in 24 Hours

Everyone looks forward to the 24 hour Special Events on iRacing like Daytona, Nürburgring and Spa. But long-haul endurance racing is just one continuous race, and there is rarely anything going on at the end as the cars space out.

VCO INFINITY sought to change the concept of 24 hour racing. First run in May 2022, the event featured 24 races of 45 minutes in length. Each team had to field five drivers, and there were five different types of cars, plus five circuits to race on.

Both the first running and the ProSIM edition in December 2022 – with teams required to run one real world racing pro – were immensely popular with competitors and spectators alike. With the vastly different cars and tracks all around the world, and it all changing in such a small timeframe, this could not happen in the real world unless someone invents portals in record time!

Another is set to be held within the next few months. Any team can apply to VCO for possible participation – even amateur teams like WAS COOKIN Racing Adventures, who even won a race in the inaugural edition.

Unlimited Races

Many of you have probably been watching ESL R1 and completely lost track of which race was which. Nobody could blame you for it, since it has been on the same three or four tracks constantly, since Rennsport is still limited on content.

So what might be so special about R1? Every round has seven races of the same length on one track with twelve drivers at all times. However, the regular season is not the part that is so unique. What is, though, is the Major.

On Day 2 of the first R1 Major in Munich, drivers had to reach a minimum points total which would then mean they activate Finalist Mode. All they needed to do once in Finalist Mode is win a race, and that would result in them becoming champion. As a result, there would be an unlimited number of races until a driver won in Finalist Mode.

With how tight of a ship most motorsport teams and organisers operate, there is no way they could keep their business afloat if they ran an unlimited number of races until one competitor reached the requirements to be champion. In theory, the R1 Major could have run for 15 or more races. Thankfully, in this case, it was only eight.

Unsafe and Demolished Tracks

In real life motorsport, there are minimum safety requirements that circuits must meet to be able to host car and motorcycle racing. In a recent article about rFactor 2 Special Events, we touched upon how the Le Mans Virtual Series held a round on the Nordschleife in 2021.

Typically, nothing quicker than a GT3 car can race there for safety reasons, but virtual LMP and GTE cars tackled it in this instance. There was also an event we were involved with, the OverTake Targa Sicilia Rinascita. The Targa Florio last took place in 1977, and folded due to the unsafe nature of open road racing.

There are combinations of car and track that could never happen in the real world. Not only that, there are tracks that no longer exist like Oran Park, but still remain active in sim racing through the iRacing Australian Supercars Eseries.

There was even an F1 Esports round in 2020 on the Hanoi Street Circuit, which never ended up hosting an F1 race. Plus there are so many classic versions of tracks that no longer exist, like a 1960s rendition of Silverstone on Assetto Corsa.

The possibilities in sim racing are absolutely endless, and there should be no reservations about doing something absurd out of fear that it is not realistic.

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