An image of a car in NASCAR 21: Ignition being worked on in a garage by mechanics.

What does the Future Hold for Motorsport Games?

Motorsport Games is a name which lies at the very heart of the simracing community. Over the last couple of years, they have expanded their empire significantly to include games such as rFactor 2 and KartKraft, two very highly rated games.

Furthermore, they also obtained the license for IndyCar, WEC and BTCC games. Naturally, this explosion in spending came with a lot of hype. Their investment and dedication to the world of simracing has been second to none. However, things don’t seem to be quite going to plan.

What Went Wrong with Motorsport Games?

One of the first big tests for Motorsport Games after their period of expansion was NASCAR 21: Ignition. A brand new game built in Unreal Engine 4, with the legendary rFactor physics engine and a hefty advertising budget. It all seemed so promising. However, what happened next certainly wasn’t pretty.

A barrage of negative reviews from content creators, players and media outlets alike met Ignition upon release. It was certainly not a success. Since the failure of this game, Motorsport Games’ stock market price has fallen through the floor. What’s more, the company admitted in its own financial reports that it was lacking enough cash in hand to get it through the next twelve months.

But what does this mean for rFactor 2, KartKraft, and potential future titles like the BTCC game which was scheduled to come out later this year? In the latest investor presentation from Motorsport Games, the BTCC title was taken out of the roadmap for future game releases, leaving its future uncertain.

However, there will be new BTCC content this year. Rather than being a standalone game as was initially intended, BTCC cars and tracks are instead making their way into rFactor 2 as paid DLC. Whether the same will happen for the IndyCar and 24 Hours of Le Mans games is unclear for now. At present, these games are scheduled for 2023 releases.

To hear all the details, as well as to find out what else is in store for Motorsport Games and its simracing empire, take a look at our latest video now.

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