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What Is Competitive BeamNG Parkour?

When you think of, Parkour is most likely not what springs to mind. This far-flung idea has been brought to the title by several creators with modded maps and online servers. Is it worth trying in 2024?

Parkour 1.2.2 Map in BeamNG

Parkour 2

‘A Parkour Map With Ramping Difficulty’ Parkour 2 is one of the most popular single-player maps available and can be downloaded from the repository here. The lack of checkpoints coupled with the strict vehicle choice means that completing this course could take countless hours of effort. There is an updated Parkour 3 as well – more on that later.

BeamNG has always been praised for its ingenuity and limitless creative freedom that is on offer for its players. These maps are a perfect example of this. Whilst it is not a realistic use of the vehicles, the parkour maps add an entirely new game mode. Variety should be encouraged, especially within a title like BeamNG.

Parkour 1.2.2 map difficulty levels

Online Races

Moving into the BeamMP mod, some parkour maps have built-in timing processes to compete against other players on a global leaderboard. Maps range from custom designs to prop arrangements. Below are some examples of some of the most popular maps you could try out.

The beauty of online races is that there can be multiple players attempting one obstacle. Sabotage can also play a huge part in any speed runs. there are servers which do not support collisions, but there is something very satisfying about knocking an opponent off an obstacle to make room for your truck.

BeamNG Parkour 3

With nine unique themes, Parkour 3 is the ultimate entry in the simply named ‘Parkour’ map series by creator Spencer Johnson. With an almost unattainable peak, BeamNG Parkour 3 is the king of parkour maps.

Each section contains a fully custom-modelled environment with everything from lime green tubing to hard sweets for your vehicle to traverse on your quest to the peak. Leaderboards and speed runs are very popular in BeamNG parkour.

To access Parkour 3’s leaderboard, from what we can tell, you have to email your official timed run to the creator and he will review it and verify your attempt before adding it to the map’s leaderboard.


This map is completely custom-made. Within this floating space of ramps, jumps, and turns are 20 exciting levels. You must successfully parkour your way through obstacles to advance. The future for ‘Carkour’ could potentially include an automated checkpoint system as well as more levels to climb.

The ‘Carkour’ course is one of the most bright and consistent courses on offer for both single-player and multiplayer. The signs throughout the course help with what direction and route to take. The choice of vehicle is also much more varied with three official options. You do not have to listen to the recommendations, but good luck getting to the top if you do not.

Competitive Future

As with anything that can be speedrun, BeamNG parkour has a competitive, albeit small, community that runs these maps day in and day out. With more publicity, these leaderboards will become easier to come by and this niche game mode could become much more mainstream within the BeamNG community.

Online BemaNG Parkour Server. Image Credit: Neilogical

Are there other maps and specific car configurations that we did not include in this piece? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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