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What is the Most Expensive Racing Game on the Market?

We have all been at that point where we really wanted to have that new game or DLC, looked at our bank account and balance and noticed: nope, that’s not going to happen.

But today, let us imagine that’s not the case. In fact, let’s imagine we want to buy all the great racing games on the market with every bit of extra content they provide! How much would it cost? And is there a way to save some money if you plan to buy all the content in a game. We did the maths.


Let us begin with RaceRoom. The simulation is widely popular, in part because the base game is actually free. However, there is additional content that you can purchase. In fact, RaceRoom offers 53 tracks and 197 cars in its shop.

If we were to buy every item separately, the full RaceRoom experience would cost €969.14. However, there is a way to save money. RaceRoom itself offers an all-in bundle they call “Premium Pack” which grants you access to every piece of content in the shop for a price of €99.79. That is basically just a tenth of the original price. This is a pack you should really consider if you plan to get everything in RaceRoom.

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Assetto Corsa Competizione is the flagship simulation for GT car racing. The base game costs €39.99 and already features a lot of cars and tracks. Six DLCs are currently available for the game by Kunos Simulazioni. Their price ranges from 8.99 for the 2020 GT World Challenge Pack to €19.99 for the GT4 Pack.

If you want to get your hands on all those new cars, all the DLCs cost €85.94. Combined with the base game, all ACC content out there makes €125.93.

Assetto Corsa

ACC’s big brother, Assetto Corsa, is a classic among racing simulations. It is no surprise that there are a few more DLCs on the market for the game. 12 bundles with additional content can be purchased for Assetto Corsa. Combined with the base game, all the content has a price of €79.88.

But since Assetto Corsa is a senior among all the racing games, the price for the game and its DLCs is usually heavily reduced when there is a Steam Sale. Then, you can get the game and all the DLCs for less than €10! Waiting for a sale if definitely worthwhile here!

rFactor 2

Another oldie among racing simulations is rFactor 2. The game hit the market in March 2013 but still has a very active playerbase. The price for the vanilla game is €29.99, but rFactor2 is usually also very much cheaper in sales.

Over the years, tons of additional content has been added to the Steam Shop. For the players, there is a possibility to buy cars or tracks separately. But developer Studio 397 also offers various bundles. But are they really worth the money? We sorted it out.

If you were to buy all the additional cars and tracks for rFactor2 seperately, you would face a bill of €376.37. When buying the bundles, you have to watch out you don’t buy content twice since several DLCs can party include the same tracks or cars. We calculated the smartest way of buying the DLCs which left us with a bill of €285.50. That makes a difference of around €90. Being smart literally pays out in rFactor2!

So, if you win the lottery somewhen in the future, you now know how much you have to spend for getting all the games and all the racing content you ever wanted to play.

What’s your secret tip to save money when buying games? Tell us by leaving a comment down below or send a tweet @OverTake_gg!

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